Common cold and SLE

Just need a mini moan! I've had the worst start to 2017. My mum (88yrs) has been in hospital for a month; she is now home thankfully. I'm still waiting for my ESA tribunal. My partner has squamous cell cancer, which she thought was a cyst. After this lot, I have go e down with a belting cold. SLE plus common cold = bed for a fortnight aargh!! If one more person days "but it's only a cold", I won't be responsible for my mouth and its reply. This awful condition makes things so complicated. I hate that a cold can wipe me out. Thanks for letting me moan ☺

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  • Moan away, lupie46, it makes me feel better about all the times I do!

    Youre right about the how often people can't recognise just how rotten it can be to have something "common" on top of an auto-immune condition. And to be worrying about your loved ones too, well, you have every reason to moan.

    BTW - did you ever get the night-time shaking thing you posted about a few months ago resolved?


  • Hi. The night time shakes are ongoing. I went to neurophysiology and the consultant said I'm neurologically sound. Thanks for remembering 😊

  • I suppose that's good (-ish!) It seems like a common problem - I certainly suffer the same. Get well soon anyhow x

  • No problem, it's good to moan every now and again. I have had a cold too and yes I have been laid out for over two weeks, in bed too. I know it's awful when you have a cold on top on lupus. But the thing is to rest and then you will recover.

  • Hi lupie

    I had the same thing for new year, made me feel very poorly!. Any common illnesses tend to be worse for us as we have our immune conditions as well going on and they can flare as a result of the infection!. Good excuse for lots of rest and TLC. You have a lot going on in your life that's very stressful which doesn't help!. Glad your mum is better and good luck for the ESA tribunal. Hope you get the right result and you feel better soon. X

  • So sorry you've had a rough time of it! You have every right to moan!

    I caught a head cold mid-December (a "friend" of ours came to our holiday party and announced she was "sick") that laid me out until just before New Years. (My husband and another party guest also got sick).

    As I was just getting over the "cold", we took a small trip away to celebrate the new year (was planned for 6 months) and the very same night we returned, I developed a cough (another "friend" we had had dinner with the night prior was coughing all through the meal, insisting it was just a "tickle"). Sigh.

    That "cough" turned into bronchitis and a sinus infection. 10 days on steroids, codeine cough medicine, pain relievers and antibiotics (which did horrible things to my digestive system) followed by another 2 weeks of rest just to regain my strength back. I even had to cancel a scheduled surgery because I was so sick! (Surgery is now at the end of this month).

    These two back-to-back illnesses have set me way back (i was doing really well prior). This experience has (finally) taught me and my husband that we HAVE to be so much more insistent that people simply CANNOT be sick if they visit our home (or we visit theirs) or if we have plans out together (dinner, movie, etc.). It's just not worth the risk to my health! Folks just don't take this type of thing seriously. A "cold" to them (that only lasts a few days") can mean weeks of illness, bed rest, doc visits and nasty meds for me.

    Never again.

    I hope you feel better soon.


  • So sorry. You've had a rough time too. At least on here we all understand each other.

  • Yes, I love this place and am grateful for all the wonderful kind souls here !

    I'm finally feeling well enough to start working out again. Did cardio today and I was much better than I thought it would be (decent pace, breathing and resistance level). Last workout was December 19th so it's been awhile.

    Time to climb that hill again back to health. It's a cycle we all here are (unfortunately) familiar with. I could give up (and there are periods of time where I do) but I'm happiest when I "feel" strong and fit and exercise does that for me.

    I hope you find the strength to continue fighting too.


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