Newbie with very cold hands

Hi everyone,

I'm new here and new to Lupus symptoms. I'm in the process of acknowledging with Dr's help what is happening to me but have not gotten a diagnosis. All these strange symptoms are difficult to deal with and accept and I'm having to quickly cope with one before another comes along. Here's a couple of questions... Is it always called Raynaud's or can there be another condition that makes your hands cold? Can you have cold hands that do not get red, white or blue with Raynauds? I've had "hot" hands my whole life and now they're freezing all the time and cold to the touch. I'm so sad about that. I've also read that you should not have cold medicines with this problem? Does anyone know which meds in particular we should not take and why?

Hope this makes sense!


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  • Hello Elena,

    Your post makes perfect sense. Unfortunately, I don't know the answers to your questions, but thought I should reply if only to sympathise. My understanding is that with Raynauds, one should avoid smoking and a variety of drugs which stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. That's quite a range of things, but the ones I have heard of are varieties of amphetamines and adrenaline. I think the cold remedy that you are thinking of are the ones containing similar compounds, such as pseudoephidrine, which is found in some decongestants like Sudafed and Actifed. You have to be aware that Beta blockers can also make Raynauds worse.

    That's all my knowledge used up! Hope you get this resolved soon.


  • Thanks so much for the info you offered. It did help a lot as I have been taking Sudafed for allergies. Take care!

  • No problem. There should be other options for allergies, but talk to your doctor, as I am no authority. x

  • On the plus side all of us with Raynards can make good pastry. Well I am trying to look for a plus 😆😆😆

  • Good on you for looking on the plus side - essential if one has to keep positive!

  • My consultant said lupus affects blood flow as blood is sticky and leads to poor circulation , you can have a test that involves putting your hands in cold water and then they watch them warm up with thermal cameras , I have a new med that I take in the winter that warms my blood and helps quite a bit ill look the name out in the morning x

  • Very good info, thanks! Wow, didn't know there was a medication that warmed the blood. I heard the vitamin Niacin may help in that respect as well.

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