Prednisone and cold symptoms

Hello all, I'm writing because I feel rotten and guilty about taking another day off from work. My boss says stay home until I'm well, but I'm so tired of feeling worn out and unable to focus! I've been taking prednisone and azothioprine for about six weeks.

Although I feel generally less sore than before the meds, it seems at a cost. I was exhausted three weeks ago, and missed three days, then had a good week in which I travelled for a business trip, but since returning home, a tickle in my chest has become a deep phlemmy hacking cough with bonus runny nose and earaches.

I've only ever taken prednisone for short periods in the past (twice perhaps for a week to 10 days in the past five years). I'm interested in hearing from others who have had to take it longer term as I suspect it's at least part of why I can't seem to shake off this cold. That said, I've been living with lupus for about 10 years and have mostly been lucky to have more good days than bad ones... I just hate the uncertainty of feeling so rotten. Meanwhile my husband tells me to stop being a hypochondriac and to keep away from the doctor's since its "just a cold".... Husband is a whole other story but I'm sure his attitude contributes to this miserable guilt and uncertainty.


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5 Replies

  • Hi Cindylynn

    Sorry to read your unwell. I think you need to see your GP as you could have a chest infection and you have to be careful taking Azathioprine!. That may not be working yet as it can take up to 3 months to kick in. I take prednisolone longer term so I'm interested in what dose are you on?. I'm taking 13 mg and reducing to get to 10 and below eventually!. I hope you feel better soon and it's good you have such an understanding boss. X

  • Hi misty, thanks for your reply. - it is 10 mg prednisone and 50 mg of azorhiopine... I'm going to see the gp today. Yes very lucky with my boss, both her kids have autoimmune issues so she's been very understanding.

  • Hi Cindylynn

    Good luck today seeing your GP. You've done well to be on 10 mg Steroids as your Aza dose is the lowest to start off. Keep us posted. X

  • HI Cindylynn, I take 10mg of Prednisone daily but each time I have a chest infection (which was three times last winter) it was increased for a week to 15mg. At the moment I am finishing an increase because of a gum infection.

    Hope the doctor was able to help you and you need to take your husband to the Rheumy or GP so they can explain that you are not an hypochondriac.

    All the best xx

  • Thanks Maureen, and Misty - this morning I'm celebrating the miracle of antibiotics after waking up feeling I'm on the mend... Not 100% but my chest is less heavy so it is t such an effort to breathe and I feel so much better than I've felt in ages! Taking one more day at home because I don't want to push my luck, nonetheless I feel nearly human again!

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