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Lupus and cold

Hi all, feeling sorry for myself so thought I would post on here I don't like constantly moaning to friends and family.

I have had a cold now for 9 days I am completely exhausted but still struggle to sleep :-( I thought I was getting over it as my voice returned (always the first thing to go when i get a cold) however as of last night I have earache n sore throat!! I feel like I have weights attached to my arms n legs and I keep getting twitching under the skin mainly in my legs but occasionally in my arms. This normally happens of a night but its happening during the day now. Does anyone else have this?

Don't want to do docs as I know it'll just be a cold n there is nothing anyone can do. I am being told off by my family as I did a 7mile run 2 days before I came down with the cold and they are blaming me for pushing myself. I like to, when I feel I can do, exercise. I have entered half marathon in March to raise money for lupus just hoping I will be able to complete it.

feel better now I have moaned a bit. Thanks for reading.

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Oh bless you. 9 days of misery. no wonder you are exhausted. Colds are rotten at the best of times but when you have Lupus as well it takes longer than normal to get over. Just be very careful that it dos'nt go to your chest as your immunity will be at rock bottom at the moment. Well done you for completeing a 7 mile run, what a star. Hope you feel better very soon. Healing thoughts heading your way. x


Thank you x


Morning - I am 3 weeks into a cold and still suffering so know how you are feeling. I will admit that i did a half marathon on 16th September and continued to run after, did a couple of small runs during week two of the cold but have finally given up and decided no running for at least a week. It has been said and I dont know how true, that running lowers the immune system for approx 4 hours after completion. This week I have just been out walking.

I think it the time of year when all bugs are flying about and unfortunately for us - we take longer to get rid of the bugs. Hope you start feeling better soon and good luck with your half marathon

Take care


You poor love but if you have the earache maybe it might be worth a visit to the doc, best get it seen now than risk a nasty infection, which will certainly stop you training for quite a few weeks, well done you for doiing your 7 mile run but that would have made no differance to you getting a cold hope this helps


Sorry you have been feeling unwell. I empathise have had a cold thats gone onto the chest,

but have had it checked out by my rhumy dept in manchester who are terrific!!!

good luck with the marathon in March. Take care XX


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