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Cold on Methotrexate

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I have been taking methotrexate for 8 weeks. I have a cold now and I don't know how to treat it. I haven't had a cold in over 5 years. Do anyone have any advice for me?

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Hi just to let you know. I started Methotrexate about 6 weeks ago and have a cold?? I'm a bit anxious that it doesn't turn into a chest infection. We would need to consult our GP or specialist nurse of quick treatment if we did. Same goes if we develop a virus. From what I've read we should contact them without delay.

At present I'm just treating the symptoms. Keep warm, drink plenty, take paracetamol, use Vick or nasal spray, cough syrup, use a simple one but check the ingredients so it doesn't interred with what your already taking.

Hope that helps good luck .

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misty14 in reply to friendly2013

Hi friendly

I hope you feel better from your cold soon. Just want to say it's best to check with a pharmacist which cough medicine or cold remedy you can take with Methotrexate . When I was on it they recommended a very simple one so ingredients didn't clash. X

Hi Snowbrown

I hope you feel better from your cold soon. Great cold tips from friendly as you'll see. Just want to add my reply to you as well, that it's best to ask a pharmacist about which cough remedies are safe to take with Methotrexate. I did this and they recommended a very gentle one so ingredients didn't clash!. X

Hiya, I top am on methotrexate and have a cold but then again so does the rest of the family etc, I have just taken paracetamol even when I lost my voice. I've not been any worse than the rest of the family. Hope you all feel better soon. Xx

Sorry to hear you are unwell. I've been on very high doses of injected methotrexate for over ten years and only once did a cold turn into a really bad chest infection. I do get colds more than others but I'm a chronic asthmatic as well which doesn't help. I don't always need antibiotics and it's generally better for me if I can avoid them but If it lasts longer than a week then I would see your GP. It's also very advisable that you have a pneumonia injection as a precaution and you must keep your flu jabs up to date but other than that don't stress about it too much (stress can make a lot of things worse). take care


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