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Lupus life insurance is it possible!

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Hi everyone, it’s been a very long time since I’ve posted anything on this forum. Hope you’re all as well as you can possibly be, if not I hope you feel better soon.

I have a question for you all and although it’s through the possible worst pandemic this country has been through, I would like to ask if any of you out there can suggest a company that will give SLE suffers who have had serious organ involvement to the point of total kidney failure and been lucky enough to have received a kidney transplant. I have tried everyone on the internet, companies I’ve heard of, companies I’ve not heard of. I am sure I have possibly tried everyone, but you just never know, so if there is anyone out there that could help in anyway, it would be much appreciated. It doesn’t necessarily need to be COVID related, just some cover for my mortgage or life cover with a decent insurance firm for people with SLE!

Keep well everybody, keep safe but most of all try your very best keep HAPPY!

Thanks for listening,

Love Wolf_1 🐺💖😴🦋

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The only one listed on lupus uk website.

The only one that is listed on lupus uk
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Thanks Kell12, I will give it a try, much appreciated for your reply,

Keep safe, good health and be happy!


Wolf_1 🐺😴🦋

The easy answer is no, but I would get a free broker to check for you as it is very case dependent. They can sometimes make specific exclusions to allow you to get a policy. It's then a matter for you whether it's worthwhile.

My insurance broker rang so many companies to discuss my medical history and we couldn't find anyone willing to underwrite me. I haven't had a transplant or kidney failure, and was still seen as too high risk because I had a mental health admission 6 years ago, as well as my lupus having affected my kidneys. Lupus is still listed as a critical illness for insurance purposes which makes it really difficult.

I am planning to pay for my funeral expenses over the next couple of years with a plan so that that's dealt with at least. My husband has life insurance with CIC but unfortunately if I go first, there is no protection for him.

All the best x

Thanks for your reply,Much appreciated you have took the time and post this,

Much love, keep safe, keep healthy and be happy!

Wolf_1 🐺😴🦋

This is very sad. If you can get treatment through NHS there is nothing better. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago I never thought to go privately as a friend with Doctors in the family said go with NHS. The treatment and support was fantastic and often quicker than Private. I know Cancer can be different but nearly all Rheumatologist work for NHS. One way round all of it is to check who you want to see, find if they have private secretary, phone, tell them you are self funding and pay your first visit maybe £200 But you then ask if you can go on their NHS list and usually they will put you up that list when you explain your position

I'm currently being treated on the NHS for my lupus and have been for years. This post is about life insurance, not medical insurance. Though I am not entitled to that either.

Sadly the NHS in Scotland is incredibly ineffective at the moment and so I am having to go private for a bladder condition. After being at the top of the urgent waiting list for a year with my consultants constantly chasing it up and 13 hospital admissions for the same issue, they revealed they had discharged me without informing anyone or seeing me. There are now formal proceedings raised but it doesn't help me in the meantime so I'm under a private consultant.

Private healthcare is very costly and a great worry, but there is no other choice. I've almost lost my life twice in the last year and my husband cannot give up. We just have to keep going and hope it works out in the end x

Hi heatherevans28,

I’m so sorry you’ve had such a hard time with your health. I’ve nearly lost my life twice too with double pneumonia and Thrombo Thrombocytopenia Purpura a few years back and it’s not only physically draining, it’s mentally draining too. It’s good that you have support through your husband, although it will be affecting him terribly as well!

It’s such a damn shame you have to go private and really a disgrace. It’s not as if you have asked for all this illness! I really feel for you and hope you are feeling better very soon! Good luck with everything and let me know how everything goes when you finally get sorted.

Much love, keep safe and be as happy as you possibly can be,

Wolf_1 🐺😷😴🦋

I have never told my insurer that I have Lupus and although I go to the Lupus centre in London I say I am at London Bridge Hospital. I had Organising Pneumonia for two years and they wouldn’t insure me after a while but my Consultant just put me on his NHS list at Guys which is great. No insurer is keen to cover long term illness

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Wolf_1 in reply to Christineosh

Thanks for your reply,Much appreciated you have took the time and post this,

Much love, keep safe, keep healthy and be happy!

Wolf_1 🐺😴🦋

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