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Refused insurance again!

I can't believe it I have been refused life insurance again. I'm so upset. I tried to get insurance through a broker this time but all insurance companies said no!

They said I can write and ask why, on this occasions I'm going to write. Because I have never done that before.

I think is because of the renal involvement but I'm not sure :-((

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Lupus U/K may be able to supply you with a few Insurances

Good luck


Hi Paula 1968, you didn't say what you wanted he insurance for but I have renal involvement and have had good travel insurance from the AA and the RAC. I gave them full details and they were better than the ones suggested in Motability. Hope that helps


It's life insurance I want. In case of death! I have a family to look after if anything happens to me! I have holiday insurance thanks.

Janice this attempt was through a suggested lupus uk person thanks :-(


Hi Paula. Definitely ask the insurer to explain. Some will write to you directly, some may choose to explain via your GP who can hopefully explain it to you more easily. If you have any questions or if your GP thinks they've misunderstood you can appeal.

It's also worth asking them if they might consider you in the future, if for example your renal function improved (I'm just using that as an example but of course don't know if that might be a factor). Sometimes insurers decline you for insurance but if your condition improves and stabilises in the future they might reconsider.

It's also important to understand that being turned down for insurance doesn't necessarily mean that your health is dreadful. Insurers only accept up to a certain level of risk and you'd be surprised how many people don't fall into the acceptable category.

Good luck and I hope you get some answers that help.


I tried to get Insurance a number of years ago,I tried again and was refused I did ask the broker why,and was told that when you try and get insurance and are refused as I was that you kind of black listed as high risk and information is passed to other companies.I tried on another occasion and was also refused.Sorry for the bad news


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