Malar rash ....Lupus perfect fit for a hypochondriac like me!!!

Malar rash ....Lupus perfect fit for a hypochondriac like me!!!

I have an amazing GP. She has treated all my symptoms as I have brought them to her (and the rest I just dismissed)... all of which on their own are ALMOST manageable.

The fatigue...(depression) the panic attack symptoms (anxiety). The back pain, bunions, sore ankles, hips, thumbs, and wrists (age related wear and tear) mouth and nose sores (I would just assume I was getting run down) changes in bowel habits (I explained it all away)...

About 7 years ago I suffered from an episode of vertigo that took 5 months to resolve..

I have been having some double vision or times where my eye siget seems to take a while to adjust to different conditions.

In hindsight I'm sure I can make up all kinds of things that could point to the fact I have lupus....but it's the butterfly rash that has made me kind of put these things all together.

It's been happening off and on for a bit now..but recently it's become very noticeable to where people comment on it.... so is this the malar rash I have heard so much about???

I am on my phone and the picture isn't loading correctly... I will try again in a bit...but don't want to write the whole post again

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  • This is exactly the same as mine! I'm on plaquenil now,have been for a few years and not had it since.been diagnosed with uctd. Hope you get sorted soon x

  • I have been diagnosed with lupus but recently been treated for

  • It looks like mine. Keep the selfie because if you get referred you are certain not to have it when you see a consultant

  • I've been diagnosed with lupus for years only recently did I have what looked like the butterfly rash which doc treated me for... my face is a mess now as it was actually careful as I had two conditions showing at the same time...I'm now using multiple ointments to try and fix the advice is to treat simply before going big...the treatment for lupus will affect other conditions (in a bad way) where as slathering non perfumed moisturiser on would quickly and effectively treat eczema without inflating lupus rash.

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