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What does Malar rash feel like?

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In the past I haven't suffered from a malar rash, but for about the last month I've noticed a redness on my nose and cheeks that comes and goes. I haven't been able to tell if I feel worse when this happens and the red areas feel warm to the touch but not scaly at all. I was wondering if this could be malar rash developing? From lookiing at pictures, it seems like malar rash can very quite a lot between people. If you do you malar rash, could you try to describe it for me so I know what things to look for.

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*very* should be *vary* oops!

hi tegansara,

i have had the malar rash for years some times it look very angry sometimes it burns. my face flares up if the sun is out, and can also flare up when i have a temperature. for me there is anything in particular that makes it any better.but i always have the rash stay well

angie xx

i have a very red nose-can look almost sun burnt but i am never sure if this is typical of a malaria rash ?

Yes, you are describing my facial rash exactly! evidently it can vary from a slight blush to an all-out scaly, perminant rash. Thank god some of us have it mildly! I find using foundation and (surprisingly) a light blusher can diguise mine on a good day. On a bad day I can't get out of the house anyway!!!

This is a really good week and I'm rejoicing!!

I posted a few weeks ago regarding my terrible itchiness, news is I have stopped the Hydroxy and antihistamines, after 4 days started prednisolone for a 15 day course, (6 days left) itching has gone!!!!! Oh my goodness what a relief!!

Researched as much as I could......found the only thing in Hydroxy and Cetrizine that wasn't in other meds was Titanium or E171 s it's classified....a metal that is used in many, many preps from milk products to toothpaste. I'm convinced this must be the culprit but am going to a dermo to see if I can be tested for this. Will keep you posted.

wishing you all a good week too. x


I get quite a variation from my entire face going very red to cheeks (look like a toddler that is teething with a fever), sometimes one cheek and nose combination or even just a very red nose. Recently it seems to be there all the time mildly, I look like I have spent time outside in the sun. (As if!!!) When I flare it is more vivid and is warm. I use a pale foundation to make me a more normal colour.


your symptoms sound typical of a malar rash. When I had mine at its worst it was very red and noticeable across my nose and cheeks, slightly bumpy and not really flaky. It was quite sensitive and hot to touch and make up didn't cover it much then but was prescribed a mild steroidal cream which helped just to dampen down the inflammation. I felt very self conscious about it and spent a lot on makeup and creams but the dermatologist was very helpful. Get your gp to refer you to dermatology. Good luck.

When I get mine it feels like a sunburn and is red on both cheeks and nose. It actually looks like a sunburn. I usually get mine in the late afternoon and evening. I wonder if it is because that is when our cortisol level ususually drops lower. I often get a burning sensation on my tongue and sometimes the roof of my mouth. My rash comes and goes also.

Mine lookalike I e had boiling water thrown in my face. It can get quite reddened and rough across cheeks and nose. Lots of little rough bits, not like eczema but more bubbly than that, but not blisters either. At best it's a bit sore and itchy, at worse the skin is super sensitive and sore, not quite like a burn but almost. The skin feels tender even when the rash isn't very noticeable. It's responded really well to AZ though.

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