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Test Results Waiting time?

Hi Everyone,

I'm just wondering how long I should expect to wait to get back results for blood tests and a chest X-ray? I know that some tests take longer than others so I've listed below which ones I've had recently.

- Anti-nuclear Factor

- Anti-CCP Antibody Level

- DNA binding auto-antibodies

- Extractable Nuclear Antigen

- Hepatitis C + B

- RA Latex

- Bone Profile

- Full Blood Count

- Complements C3 and Complement C4

- Creatine Kinase

- C reactive protein


- Ferritin

- Immunoglobulins

- Protein Electrophoresis

- Thyroid Function

- Thyroid Antibody Function

- Urate (Uric Acid)

- Vitamin D


I also had a Chest X-ray done, this was all on the 12th December. I checked with my Dr's office this afternoon and they haven't had anything back yet which the receptionist thought was unusual.

Can anyone advise how long they usually wait for any of these tests?

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Most of the lower ones should be done and reported in under a week, a lot are next day results in most places. I'm not so sure about the first few - they may take longer.

Where are you? In the USA? Are they tests requested by your GP and all done at a hospital?


Hi, I'm in London in the UK. The tests were all ordered by my rhuemy and yes all done at my local hospital.


Hi Hnewman2 .

I have recently had some blood tests and chest X-ray done for being accepted for a new biologic drug for RA.

I know it's not Lupus but some of the tests are the same.

The standard blood tests were returned in a few days ,however when I rang to chase my chest xrays and other blood tests ( hiv,tb and hepatitis) I was told they would take longer.

3 weeks in total it took to get all my results and I had to chase for them so if you feel it's unreasonable then give them a call,find out what's going on and how much longer they expect to be getting these results.

All the best




Hi, thanks for your response. I've contacted my Gp's office and the receptionist did say it was unusual for them to take so long but she just suggested I call back after the holidays (They re-open on 3rd Jan) I understand that bloods can take a while but I thought I would have had the chest X-Ray result by now as I assume that it gets checked and then added to my medical record fairly quickly if there's no problems.

Did you have to ring for your X-ray results or did they call you to let you know that they had come in?



I'd expect it to be the other way round - they'll look at the x-ray and then do the report later if there is nothing significant so could take time. Bloods should be back sooner.



Just a quick update.Rheumy nurse just rang me and funding has been agreed .

It will probably be another few weeks before I can start my treatment but at least it'd been agreed.

So from start to finish for me has been approx3 months.

If your treatment is for a different condition the times may vary but that's just to let you know with mine.

Good luck,I hope they come thru soon and in the meantime have a lovely Xmas and new year.

Take care,



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Hi my tests were all done by the rheumatology unit with the hospital,so each time I called I'spoke to,my rheumatology nurse.

First call I got initial blood results,2nd small,got xray result.

On 3trd,call, got more complex blood results ,but took nearly 3,weeks for them all to get back and thud was within the fame hospital.

Hope you getbyourvtesults soon..

Take care.




Hi, I was told it depends who has ordered the tests. If the GP orders them the results go to the GP if the rheumy orders them you have to chase the hospital. In case that helps...


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