Squeaky sounds on in-breath

Hello everyone,

Hope you are well.

For the past week I have been experiencing a squeaky sounds at the end of my in-breath, it's quite musical actually! Seriously, has anyone experienced anything similar? I don't experience it all the time, just occasionally. I have no chest pain, and I am generally not breathless, perhaps slightly more than usual but its not noticeable. I don't really want to see my GP but then again I am still quite new to this LUPUS game.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Bright Blessings


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  • Worse at night? Are you asthmatic?

  • I am not asthmatic but it's something I hadn't considered - thank you for replying

  • I was diagnosed at 40 and that's how it started

  • Hi Tripitaka,

    It's worth going to your GP to ask them about this and whether any investigations needs to be carried out.

    For more information about lupus and the lungs, have a look at our factsheet here - lupusuk.org.uk/wp-content/u...

  • I have SLE and have had it. There have been periods where it comes on and I squeak about for a bit - and then vanishes for long periods. Kinda sweet and freaky at the same time.

    I think it comes from my left lung which is more vulnerable to fairly harmless bouts of SLE inflammation.

    Its never really slowed me down either. About 25 years ago now - I turned up to my Rheumatologist thinking I was reasonably healthy - perhaps just a bit of a stingy chest infection. He had a listen to my chest and said the linings in the lung and around my heart were a little inflamed. Whoa ! He just upped my immunosuppression for a short while - not long at all really - problem solved.

    I'd say go to a Doctor and have them take a good listen to your chest. (if they're still able to diagnose like this - this century ?) Might save you some trouble in the long term.

  • Thank you Freckle for your reply - I will make an appointment to see GP!

  • This happens frequently to me. My inflammation frequently settles in lungs. But see dr to rule out serious issues.

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