Send me your names so I can run in your honour!

I have had Lupus since age 12 and am an active member of this site. I have always loved running and have tried to keep it up as it seems to help keep flares at bay. I am running my first Half Marathon in quite a long time on 11 October (the royal parks half in london) and have been raising money for Lupus UK. I'm thrilled to say I've raised over 550 pounds!! I am feeling quite good and think I'm ready. I am only hoping I continue to feel well through the next week!

This run means a lot to me, and I would really like to run in honour (or memory) of others with Lupus too. I don't need any more donations (although of course I'd welcome them) but if you send me your name by comment today or tomorrow, I am ordering iron on letters and will add fellow Lupies to my running shirt.

Stay well!

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  • I will donate £5.00 if you put Reuben &Louis my dogs name thanks, I'll do it straight away to Virgin

  • Sorry tried by said that it has now closed, best luck for the race and your future health.

  • Oh! Strange, I'll go reopen it. And Reuben & Louis are going in my vest!! 😊

  • Just checked and it should be working now. Try

  • Hi, yes I've donated now, hope the race don't take too much out of you, best wishes.

  • Wow thank you so much, that is really kind. I notice in the donation your dog is spelled Ruben - is it Reuben or Ruben? I want to get it right :).

  • Hi, my pleasure, his name is spelt RUBEN, best of luck.

  • Hi I've just made a donation. Good luck!! My name is Jacqueline and would like my name put on if possible. Thanks X

  • Wow! Thank you! I am so thrilled for the support and will add your name with pleasure. Thanks a lot! :)

  • Very inspiring to read that you have Lupus & will be running a marathon! Pls keep us posted. You can do this & I wish you the best

  • MagSLE do you want me to add your name to my running vest? Thank you so much for your kind support!

  • Very honorable. Joe DiGiacinto 9 years with APS. :)

  • Great! I feel so much more excited to do this run with some additional people to run for. Thank you! I'll keep you all posted.

  • Good luck I trained for 5 k last year but got flu chest infection then bronchitis , it was devastating having trained please put my name forward Xara Back . Let us know how you get on please . Lots of spoons for you .

  • Will do! Thank you so much for the support. Hope you try another 5K. I'll keep you all posted on how I get on. All done with training but feeling not super today. We'll see, one week to go and tomorrow is another day.

  • I think your vestest will be to full to get my name on it. Good luck. Hugs x

  • Thank you so much! I already ordered my letters but I'll be running for you too molly19! :)

  • Thank you all so much - you have no idea how much it means to me to get this response and support from all of you. I'll write again and let you know how it goes. THANK YOU!

  • Mind over matter! I'm thrilled to say I finished the Royal Parks Half Marathon yesterday in 2 hours and 13 minutes, and feel relatively good today. I wish I could post a photo here - I ironed on your names (Molly19 yours too - I had a chance to order a few more letters!) and it really made me proud to be running even when it was painful. My fundraising is up to 650 pounds for Lupus UK. I had such a bad flare in the week leading up to the run and most people don't understand what that means but I know you all do - so it makes it even more special to me that I was able to get around the route.

    Thanks again to all of you - wishing you all the best.

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