Sudden Involuntary Breath IN

So I have been getting this for some time now. It is very sudden, I don't feel a thing before the second it happens. I just really suddenly inhale, and after that I breathe normally. My whole body jumps when it happens. It is very sudden, I don't feel a thing before the second it happens. Sometimes I also make this wierd grunt when it happens. Does this happen to anyone else or is it just me?

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  • Yes I do that.

    I certainly did not think it had anything to do with my condition, I don't jump but the wife jumps when I do it.

  • This happens me too! It only started recently and as my iron and ferritin levels are very low at the minute I wonder is it something to do with this? The lungs trying to get more oxygen in??

  • me too i do it a lot ,, i think its like anxiety related ,, , but yes it just happens no conrtol over it

  • Oh my goodness, I do that too. My daughter hates it and tells my off when I do 😄 but just can't help it. Seem to have phases of it.

  • Me, too. Just recently. But it hasn't felt like anxiety. I almost feels like, I'm so relaxed that I breathe shallowly, then all of the sudden, I kind of gasp for breath. But I also have had shortness of breath since last summer, and some weird heart thing that I'm not sure what it is.

  • Me too, just like AnnNY, it happens when I'm relaxed. I was only wondering yesterday if I should mention it to GP as it wakes me up when it happens at night but fed up of feeling like a hypochondriac when tests come back negative. So pleased I'm not alone though I wish it was another thing we didn't have to put up with. Xx

  • Yes I have this too. Had assumed it must be related to anxiety as I am anxious and soon to have a general anaesthetic so even more so as its my first. I had to fill in a CV risk assessment pre-op form and it asks about sleep apnea and I wondered if it's an unusual form of this perhaps as it happens when I'm most relaxed - almost asleep usually. Also I have arrhythmia.

  • I get this too....feels almost like a 'sob' when I've been crying, but haven't. Usually happens when I'm quite relaxed, and always just before I fall asleep. Yet another thing I thought 'was only me' this happened to!

  • Yes I do this too, i'm always relaxed when it happens, almost like I haven't been breathing deeply enough and I need to catch up.

  • Omg! Me too. I actually went to the doctor thinking I must be lacking oxygen but all tests came back fine. The doctor said it was more likely a "habit response" to feeling like I needed more air but not actually doing so. I think it stems back from when I had pleurisy

  • I suspect it has something to do with autonomic dysfunction - lupus tends to mess with our autonomic nervous system, I.e. The nervous system that controls the functions we do automatically, such as the heart beat, or breathing rate in this case.

    If the autonomic nervous system is affected, then one gets all kind of "weird" symptoms such as too hot or too cold, palpitations, sudden intake of breath, etc.

    I would mention this sudden breath issue to your rheumatologist because it does matter, although there isn't anything they can do about it, it's just useful to keep a record of all the symptoms.

  • me too i was diagnosed with brittle asthma about 30 years ago and i do it all the time it freaks people out. i am used to it but i know for me its because there isn't enough oxygen in my system so my body automatically takes a sharp intake of breath to compensate....i have just been diagnosed with lupus.......

  • And I thought it was just me!.... It happens to me at night and I have come to the same conclusion as Purpletop - it's something to do with dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system. It seems to happen periodically for me but I don't have any ideas as to how to stop it, although raising the head of my bed has seemed to stop it occurring so often.

  • Yes, it happens to me, too, but I put it down to not breathing properly and my body suddenly takes over the process. It happens at night too and wakes me up. I often have to be conscious of my breathing because I notice at times I am not breathing properly which again I put down to my body adjusting the breathing perhaps because being within pollutant range or something that stops my body breathing normally and then when the coast is clear, so to speak my body takes a deep breath to compensate and breathes normally again.

    When you think of all the junk we have to breathe, it is no wonder our bodies take over the process because we are often not conscious of the atmosphere around us and the filth in it, but you only have to wipe the window ledge or check garden furniture with a clean cloth to see the dirt in the air. I trust my body - that is what I prefer to do rather than think there is something wrong.

  • Wow I've been doing this for years never connected it to lupus reassuring to know it's not just me

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