Slimming world update

Hi, I promised to update you all about my slimming world diet.

I have now been following the diet for 7 weeks and have lost 1St 2 lbs

I have to say that despite taking long-term steroids both orally and intramuscular, and a cocktail of other daily drugs, I have found it quite easy to lose weight every week.

My doctors have been saying for years now that they plan to get me off the steroid as soon as possible, and not to worry about my weight too much until then. last year I did manage to get off the steroids for a while, but I soon got quite sick.

As it looks like steroids will be longterm, I think dieting will also be longterm so I chose slimming world as there is always something that I can eat, it will in time just become a lifestyle.

Anyway feeling quite pleased with myself, just hope that Christmas doesn't set me back too much. ☺

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  • That is brilliant creaky!

    I keep telling people on the PMRGCA forum that it IS possible to lose weight while taking pred - but I'm sure they don't believe me! I'll refer them to you in future!

  • You tell em PRMpro! ☺

    It's not as hards I thought it would be. I just eat loads and loads of free food if I'm hungry,so I never feel deprived.

    I've been making lots of soup for lunch, great this weather.

    The only down side is that I can't really have a day off from cooking and have a takeaway.

    Husband has lost his tummy as well, and he's not snoring so much😂

  • Watch out - he may need to buy new trousers!

  • Yep, he's already had to get an extra hole in his belt

  • Well done, I to started slimming world 21 weeks ago, I've lost 3st 7lb. I'm walking a lot better now. It is so easy to follow, but agree I spend more time in the kitchen now, cooking from scratch

  • Wow that's brilliant!

  • Hi creaky

    Your weight loss is a great achievement well done!. Not easy being on steroids but it's proof that it can be done and inspiring for others. It does have to be a lifestyle to be successful. I keep my weight in check despite daily steroids by reducing carbs and sugar and eating fruit and veg. Have a treats day one day a week to help me thru you've made new friends as well at the classes, can be an added bonus!.

    Hope your migraines are still better. 💐X misty

  • Yes no migraines for while now, thankyou Misty

  • Hurrah Creaky, long may it last!. X

  • Congratulation! You are doing so well. In the far off days when I needed to lose weight, I found Slimming World worked very well.

  • Wow, congratulations!

    Since I started steroids the only time I lost weight was because of some stomach infection and couldn't eat LOL, that's cheating.

    Thank you for the inspiration, my belt needs some rest from the late strain I put to it.

  • Hi Sam,

    it's hard isn't it, I was never over weight until I developed lupus, I started gaining before the longterm steroids but they have made things much worse.

    Give slimming world a try, it's really easy, I wish I'd done it ages ago. I joined on line, which is great because if I was having a bad day I wouldn't get to the meeting. I enter my weight each Sunday evening and I get lots of messages of support. Just for back up i also message my two best friends each week, they are also very suppotive.

    I've got to be careful over Christmas though, because I don't want to have to lose the same weight twice!

    Give it a try and let me know how you get on ☺

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