Losing weight

I have put on so much weight on and I need to lose it but I don't know how as I don't really ear much. I would like to lose at least 3 stone by this summer as I have a wedding in Sept. Any help? Did you find slimming world helpful? I have so many health problems that I don't know if I can do it.


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16 Replies

  • Someone on here has lost weight with SW - my daughter uses it and has lost weight despite being a paramedic working bizarre hours with no decent meal breaks. To me it is horribly complicated! I lose weight only with very low carbs - I need to get back on track...

  • I don't lose weight very easily. I love carbs too 😭

  • We were discussing this on another forum recently - and the consensus was that the first few weeks are the hardest but you very soon lose the "taste" for carbs, things start to seem excessively sweet and you often realise you feel less well after eating carbs. Plus once you see the weight coming off, however slowly, the boost you get from that helps loads.

    What I like is that it is easy to adapt wherever you are - unless the only options is pizza or pasta! I just ask for meat/fish and extra vegetables/salad rather than the carb accompaniment (unless I have decided I want to treat myself to polenta!).

  • Happy Christmas, since may lost now 2st low carbing😊

  • Brilliant - well done!

  • Aim for 0.5kg per week. You can probably achieve this by drinking more water. Best wishes Kevin

  • In the days I needed to lose weight ( yes, true) I found Slimming World really helpful. At that time they offered you two "plans" according to your preferances. I went for the green one, which allowed a fair amount of carbs. Not complicated, and I was even able to cook SW meals for the family that they didn't realise were from a "diet" I lost weight very well on that .

  • Try Joe Wicks! It’s not about how little you eat, it’s what you eat and when.

    Even just going by his cookbooks will help you if you don’t want to sign up to the plan (probably on offer in January?!)

    I found that he is educating people more about food long term and as much or little exercise as you want rather than being on a diet you can’t sustain. But you can achieve results very quickly if you put your mind to it as well.

    I also think it’s important to eat healthy to feel good about yourself with having an illness like Lupus. It gives me the feeling I‘m doing everything I can to have a say over my body whilst we all know how Illnesses is taking this privilege away from one.

    Good luck!

  • Hi Tulipsno, Like you I need to lose about 3st. I’ve put lots on this last year after becoming depressed, and as my name suggests I’m not known for eating a lot of salads! I’m now on SW after trying lots of other things. I tried Joe Wicks and gained weight because I didn’t have the energy to do the high intensity workouts. I do incorporate some of his meals into SW though.

    I’ve been going 2 months and already lost 1 stone. It’s great! I’ve done weight watchers in the past but SW really is so easy - no weighing or counting for the foods that are free, just portion control. The group is great too, as is the leader. You’ll be able to discuss any health conditions are your first meeting.

    Ive not had to do any extra exercise so far which was good as I’ve not had the energy what with Christmas chaos. However now I’ve got 1st gone I am starting to do a little and can log that too - you can gain extra awards for exercise.

    I would definitely recommend it to anyone. It’s changed the way I think of food and I know my DR is happy with the weight loss and hopefully (ultimately) being a more healthy weight might help to control flare ups. I can live in hope haha!

    If you join SW you’ll find a community of people and tonnes of recipes on the internet to try. I’m only sorry I didn’t join sooner!

    Best of luck!

  • My mother lost three stone on Weight Watchers...it took longer than a year,but she got used to eating the right amount of the right foods & never regained the weight.

    I think you need to commit to one of the weight loss systems where you go once a week/month so that you have a goal to reach & mix with people who are serious about losing weight who support each other. It's really difficult to suddenly start eating in a different way on your own.

    If you can't manage to go to exercise classes taking a walk every day even for 15 minutes will help.

    Good Luck......not too much Christmas Pudding this year!

  • Hi, I too need to lose 2-3 stone! I did lose a stone last yr for my brothers wedding with slimming world . I have since put it back on but that's because I stopped following the SW diet.

    It definitely is a good diet and I shall be choosing that next time too!

    Good luck!

  • I managed to loose 2 stones with Slimming World, however the prednisone meant it was just a bit slower than others not on steroids and I do not excersise- good luck it is hard work, but for me worth it as it certainly muss made me feel better both emotionally and physically 🙂

  • I would recommend Slimming World to anyone I lost 7 stone in 2 Years. The new plans are easy and really all it is, is Healthy Eating

  • Your doctor could give you vouchers for Slimming World or Weight Watchers which will be free to use provided when you meet the criteria for loosing weight.

    I use Diet Chef meals which are very expensive) but you do loose weight if you stick to the meals and I also use the App MyFitnessPal which you can use to track everything you eat and drink for the day.

    Hope 2018 will be a year that will see you looking slimmer and in much better health.

  • I'd concur with others here that have said low carb. I'm 50 and I just think your metabolism changes as you get older which means that you just pile on the weight with them (let alone if you are on steroids). Note also that many carbs, like bread, are addictive so you have to break the craving. And once you do that, you don't miss it at all.

    Most nutritionists agree that it's sugar, not fat, which makes us put on weight (that includes carbs).

    The good thing about doing the low carb route is that you don't have to control what you eat. Make sure you eat plenty of fat, protein and veg. Try not to replace carbs with high glycemic foods. I still eat root vegetables, which is the only carbs I'll touch these days.

    I've lost 11 kilos over the past 6 months, while I've been on steroids and not exercising much. I've not yet got the tummy and face bloat thing. I used to snack and feel hungry all the time. Now I don't feel hungry all the time. I also have much more self esteem because I don't feel bloated.

    And even looking at a loaf of bread or smelling a cake makes me feel a bit nauseous, while I get excited by brussel sprouts and cabbage.

    Take heart - it can be done! Happy holidays xx

  • Excited by Brussels sprouts??????? I thought I was one of a very very few!!!!

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