A new start

Three weeks ago during a relatively good patch I decided that enough was enough, despite my rheumatologist repeatedly saying that I would only need both oral and intramuscular steroids until I was established on the right combination of disease modifying drugs, I decided that if I didn't act now, I would be seriously overweight for the rest of my days.

Last year's disastrous experiment with coming off the steroids didn't help so I I took to great momentous step of joining slimming world online.

I am pleased to say that despite long term steroids after three weeks I am 10.4lbs lighter, not bad really and husband has lost 7 lb as well.

I'm now thinking that although my lupus is out of my control, at least I can do this and who know, it might just help, so I'm feeling positive today even though I've had a migraine all weekend. (it's better now)

Hope that you are all having a good day too 😀

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  • Good job creaky, you can be proud of yourself. I lost 5 pounds in 3 weeks, then one week with my husband back and I gained 3 back. It is a commitment to feel better about ourselves and maybe even improve our health. Keep it up!

  • Thankyou, you too ☺

  • Good for you. Well done!

  • Good luck with Slimming World. Keep us updated with how you are getting on and whether you are noticing any changes as a result.

  • Will do Paul.

    Thankyou, just wanted to add, you do a good job here, thankyou ☺

  • I think losing 10+lbs in 3 weeks is rather better than "not bad"! Well done!

  • Thanks, hope that you are ok ☺

  • Nothing being able to lose 10lbs wouldn't improve!! ;-)

  • It is so hard to lose weight with steroids and limited mobility, so huge congratulations are in order!

  • Thankyou, ☺

  • Wonderful news creaky, we're delighted for you! x

  • Thankyou☺

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