Anyone ever joined slimming world with lupus?

Hi all

I wanted to ask if anyone has joined slimming world with a diagnosis of lupus?

I did lose weight with slimming world years ago before diagnosis, but hesitant to join because of the lupus and if it could affect it more. I have gained weight and my poor eating habits and total lack of energy has just contributed to the weight piling on. Exercise is a serious problem to try to overcome. Hoping that if my eating habits improve that energy levels may also and hopefully I might be able to move without pain for once (I live to dream lol).

Also do I need to check with my consultant regarding this?

Please could you let me know your thoughts guys if you can help

Lupie hugs

Esky x

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  • Hi Esky, yes I joined WW to help me and it may take a bit more dedication because of steroids to loose weight but I did manage it. That in turn will help you cope. A boost is always good. Check with your doctor but in my opinion I can't see it being a problem. You still eat healthier. Good luck. Xx

  • Hi I lost 14 stone with slimming world after my stroke and in my opinion it is by far the easiest plan to stick to you're not constantly preoccupied with food and weighing and measuring do it I promise you won't look back good luck xx

  • I do slimming world, a lot of areas

    GP surgeries will find 12 weeks

    If they

    Feel you need it and fit

    I'm criteria. I have all


    Including MCTD and I am not affected, never harms to change lifestyle if needed x

  • Hi Esky,

    I was diagnosed with systemic lupus 14 years ago and was already a little overweight then. Over the years and possibly with the help of copious doses of steroids, I became 4 stone overweight and 4 years ago decided to do something about it. I joined Weightwatchers and lost the excess weight and have kept it off ever since. The only side effects were positive ones, less joint pain, more energy, lower blood pressure and more confidence. I would recommend checking with your GP but am pretty sure they would be very supportive as long as you follow a sensible diet that contains all the necessary nutrients. Good luck, it will be worth will look and feel 100 times better! Xxx

  • I do slimming world, I don't see what harm it could do, at the end of the day its just a healthy eating plan!

    I told my consultant last time I saw him aswell that I had joined slimming world and he never said anything xx

  • Hi I have had SLE for 17 years I have done slimming world. I find it a very good diet to follow and I just took longer to loose my weight than the others and my Doctor new I was doing the diet look luck x

  • Hi Esky,

    I also have Lupus and take a cocktail of drugs daily. I joined SWorld in January and it has done me the world of good!! Not only has it taken my mind off Lupus but I feel so much healthier after losing 1stone 9pounds in 14weeks. It's given me a new circle of friends and it's stopped me thinking about my illness 24/7. I haven't told the consultant about my condition as I don't feel I need to. It's just nice being ME and having a pleasant distraction from Lupus!! Go for it...what have you got to lose? Good luck x

  • Hi, Yes I joined slimming world 10 years ago, with my Lupus consultant's permission. I lost 4 stone and felt a new woman. I danced the night away for my 60th birthday party nearly 7 years ago. Then in the Sept I had a fall and landed on my knee and ended up having a new one, no problem with that. Then 3 years ago I had to have a spine opp. for twisting with Spinal stenosis and have not been able to walk or do much ever since and have put over 2 stone back on, I won't give in and enjoy all the new 'family' I have made. You go girl enjoy and eat what you want, they will help you all the time.

  • Hi. Yeah I go to slimming world and don't find it a problem at all. I told my consultant when I first started and she was a great help. As well as helping you to lose weight, it's a great way to learn how to eat healthy which will help. I can't exercise much but do the best I can. Go for it and see how you get on. There's no harm in trying. Good luck.

  • Thank you all for your replies. I have decided to join a local group on wednesday. Fed up of feeling and looking frumpy. I need to do this for me and feel so much happier about joining thanks to all of your replies. Lupus dominates my life enough without it taking all my self confidence as well. Thank you all for your help

    Lupie hugs

    Esky xxx

  • I also did SW years ago and lost three and a half stone in 6 months. However, now I am on warfarin I worry about doing it again, but the osteo in my knee would be helped if I did it.

    Maybe once I finally get plaquinel I will be more able to get my head around the meals etc?

  • Hi esky i did slimming world and lost never affected my lupus I was fine lost over a stone in the first. 6 m but could go with going back again try it it is the healthily of all the diets

  • Me! I am a target member and still follow the Slimming World plan. I actually joined because of my lupus...I found I needed to combat the weight gain from the steroids and wanted a healthy diet that I could sustain. In researching nutrition and lupus, SW seemed closest to a plan to help me make good choices. Four years later, I can keep the weight off, follow the plan and really believe it helps reduce my flares.

    Good luck! I hope you find something that works for you too! I really believe in SW myself.

  • Hi I'm another lupie doing slimming world - great plan - healthy food and it ensures I stay away from the dreaded processed food. I'm pleased to have lost 12lb in 6 weeks and hoping for my stone award tomorrow-fingers crossed.

    Only piece of advice I would say is don't be disheartened if your weight loss is a bit slower than other fit and healthy members in group who often come in with 4-5lb losses weekly - we all get there in the end. Good luck and keep us posted.

  • Good luck. Hope you get a good group. I joined Seamerirton Slimmingworld near scarborough. So far ive lost two and a half stone and so has my daughter who stuck with it through her pregnancy. It's not a diet it's a healthy eating plan. Good luck and eat well x

  • It does sound like a very good idea.

    The only thing to watch out for is if you lose a significant amount of weight- tell your doctor if you are on any medications which could be related to your body weight, some doses of medications are dosed by weight and you could need to reduce the dose.

  • Thank you herb never thought about the med doses. Thanks u x

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