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Woke up at 4am with splitting headache

I've had a cold since Thursday. I barely slept that night due to my violent sneezes and nose running like a tap. I spent 2 days in bed and just rested. Rest, lots of fluids. By Sunday it had changed to coughing and the mucus was thicker. I'm guessing this headache might be linked to the cold. I've cancelled my plans for the day and come back to bed. Also cancelled 2 plans with kids/ friends at the weekend.

This headache feels like the ones I've had earlier this year. GP described them as headache with myalgia. Pain comes behind eye and ear on one side.

My right eye has alternated between being dry and itchy and being red and watering, whilst I've had this cold. It's red and watery this morning. Luckily getting my eyes tested on Thursday so will mention it then.

This is the first time I've been ill since starting MMF, (apart from lupus stuff). Myfenax. I'm on 3g a day.

I guess I was hoping the MMF would work quicker. Headaches are so depressing! Feeling sorry for myself today. I'm losing hair really bad too. But hoping it's not all a sign that a flare is on the way. Or is it just a cold. I guess you don't always find out.

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