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Lupus study for student University dissertation


I am a Lupus patient and am currently in my final year of a BSc degree in Western Herbal Medicine at the University of Westminster. I decided I would like to explore peoples experiences with using complementary and alternative medicines (such as Acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy, massage, reflexology etc.) for my dissertation. I am looking for people who have a confirmed diagnosis of Lupus who have used or are currently using alternatives medicines to take part in some short interviews. All the information would be anonymous. I am based in London but am happy to travel for up to an hour to people to conduct the interviews. The dissertation will be supervised by Dr. Marie Polley who is a senior lecturer at Westminster.

Before participating in the interviews I would provide further information and contact details but at the moment I am just trying to get an idea of whether people would be willing to participate to ascertain if my dissertation idea is viable.

Many thanks and please feel free to send me a private message if you would like to discuss further.

Sonya Elnaschie BSc (Hons), MCSP

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I would be happy to tell you why I don't use any of these therapies and why I make a huge distiction between alternative and complementary therapies.


Hi Hermione,

Thank you for your reply and expressing an interest in taking part. Unfortunately I am just looking for participants who have or currently use complementary therapies as that is the focus of my dissertation. I would love to explore both sides but only ave a limited amount of time and words for the piece.

Thanks again


Hi, I have lupus and I'd like to have a little chat with you. I'm new in this forum, so can you please send me a message ? Thanks


Hiya, I have SLE and nephritis etc..I have experience of using herbal meds. Message me so I can tell u my experience. :)


I have used homeopathy and am now using Bowen Therapy and would be happy to share my experiences but I live just north of Bristol so probably too far for you. Great you're researching this though. I wish you success x


Hi - diagnosed with Discoid Lupus and Sjogrens. Use alternative meds and happy to discuss - live 40 mins by train from London.


Hi, I use complementary therapies and I'm in my last year of doing a BSc in Acupuncture.

I have regular acupuncture and use herbs and supplements. I love too far though.....Nottinghamshire. I am willing to do a telephone interview if you want to.

All the best


Hi Sonya,I'm a lupus patient for 10 years and I have used complementary medicine. I would like to discuss this mater with you, just I do live too far away from London - Coventry. I can answer your questions on mob phone if it's okay for you.


Thank you everyone who has taken the time to respond. I have been given the OK to start the project so I am hoping to be able to do the interviews in December/January. Thanks again.


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