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Hi, I'm new this forum but have been a member on nras for almost a year. Originally when my symptoms started Dec 2015 myself, family and gp thought it was RA causing all my problems. I finally got to see a rheumatologist September 2016 and he is pretty sure I have fibromyalgia, after having a ultrasound of both hands this morning showing no joint inflammation I'm beginning to believe him. The thing that's concerning me is that I found out from my gp that I have also been tested for lupus, after doing a bit of research I'm a little worried that it may well be lupus as I have been having a lot of skin sensitivity when out in the sun (really itchy random rashes), I already have been diagnosed with mental health but if it is fibro or lupus that may explain the sudden onset of my mental health etc. I'm not asking for a diagnosis from this forum as that is impossible but anyone who does not mind sharing there symptoms from having lupus would be very much appreciated. Sorry for the long winded post :-)

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  • Lots of information on Lupus UK. website


  • Hi Ray1988,

    Do you know what the results were of your lupus tests? Are you seeing a rheumatologist? Could you ask them about it at your next consultation?

    If you need more information about lupus and how it is diagnosed, you can request or download one of our free packs at lupusuk.org.uk/request-info...

  • Hi, yes I have seen a rheumatologist back in September but waiting now to see if I'll be seeing him again or if he's going to discharge me from rheumatology over to pain management as he believes I have fibromyalgia. As for the blood results I haven't heard anything so can assume that they were normal. Yet again I'm left in limbo as I keep getting told what it's not but not what it is

  • If you are unsatisfied with the diagnosis and treatment plan set out by your current rheumatologist, it may be worth asking your GP to refer you to a different one for a second opinion. If you let me know whereabouts you live I can provide you with information about any consultants who have a specialist interest in lupus in your area.

  • I live in Cardiff

  • Dr Julian Nash at the University Hospital Cardiff is a lupus specialist.

  • He's my nanas rheumatologist lol. The consultant I seen was Dr camallarie (think that's how you spell it). I don't think under NHS Wales we have the privilege of choosing a consultant, I only ended up seeing the one I seen because there was a cancellation as there was a 31 week waiting list after referral back in March

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