Frustrated! Possible early menopause

Hi all, I'm writing this in the hope of some advice & out of frustration. I'm living with Lupus (SLE) & other health conditions (APS, Rayneuds, Neuralgia, Ischemia). Today, I received a voice message from a locum GP that my hormones are slightly raised so I may be menopausal (at the age of 40). I've been having night sweats for over 2yrs (on & off) & no periods for about 6mths. I'm planning to see my GP (who knows my medical history). I'm still anaemic (9 mths). It's around this cold season time that I start having flare ups, but so far its not kicked in. I'm hoping the locum GP was wrong (wouldn't be the 1st time) as I raised my concerns about early menopause to my usual GP & that the locus didn't read my medical history properly or that hormone changes are linked to the Anaemia. I could scream right about now. These symptoms are never ending & I know that there is a high possibility that I'm infertile due to the Cyclophosphamide treatment I had last yr. I've been staying positive but at the moment I'm frustrated. Any advice welcome!

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  • Hi Magsle

    Good luck for when you discuss your hormone levels with your usual GP. That locum was wrong to leave a message like that!. I would just say I've been menopausal for 6 years because of the drugs we have to take. I was 37 and I'm now 43 so it is a possibility with your history. Good luck X

  • Hi misty14, I'm hoping to see my usual GP today. I appreciate your reply, it's helped me accept the situation more x

  • Thyroid issues can mess with your estrogen levels and mimic menopause, so keep that in mind. If it is early menopause then roll with it. At least there is treatment and so a better quality of life, perhaps. You are so young and maybe still wanting kids? If so, let's hope it resolves the way you wish.

  • Hi Nerossa, thanks for your reply. I don't have kids & being menopausal just seems so final. Hopefully I can distract my confused mind with positive coping strategies I'll speak to my GP about Thyroid checks x

  • Hello magSLE.

    I was addled and confused when I had early onset menopause at 32 (probably due to long term use of prednisolone) The one thing I should have asked but didn't was 'is it too late to freeze an egg?' - as after I was diagnosed I still had the odd - last gasp ovulation.

    Also one bonus to the diagnosis -hormone replacement ! For me it was good stuff. restored some mental health and boosted energy.

    Hoping you find a proper clear answer to what's going on. Way too easy for Doctors to make simplistic assumptions with a complex disease like Lupus.

  • Hi Freckle1000, I've been thinking about freezing my egg so I'll ask my GP. Thanks for your advice. Living with these health conditions can be lonely so it's a relief to be able to share experiences for better understanding & support. I'll ask about hormone replacement as well. Bless x

  • If you need HRT, make sure they give you the good stuff ! Feel free to ask me about it if need be.


    I agree, lupus can make you feel very isolated. Its hard for healthy people to understand just how grindingly traumatic & discombobulating it all is.

    We have to live with way -way too much uncertainty on so many levels.

    I hope you get this one resolved well.


  • Very true Freckle1000! I couldn't get GP appt today so hopefully tomorrow. Thanks for your offer of further advice. Yes I feel discombobulated (again)!

  • Yep. We need a discombobulation pill... without unheard of side effects and peculiar interactions. One for dumbstruck bewilderment too. I've been suffering a lot from that lately.

  • that get a lady down

  • The shock of it all gets me every time but I will not give up hope. 😊

  • Yes it does & Yep

    Doing some melodramatic burnt out, self indulgent wallowing. Prescription drugs has lead to an altered mental state. Feeling a bit sunk in a mind vortex.

    I know I need to negotiate a new set of medications....must..... crawl......out of void.....and fight....... "uuhh"

    ie. Not loose hope.

    Correct ! Hope is vital.

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