i have no idea if this is relevant, but I went to our surgery last Saturday for a 'mass' flu jab, with hundreds of other locals; at the time, I had a very mild soreness at the back of the throat, but the following day I had violent sneezing, runny nose, coughing etc etc. I was wondering if anybody else has experienced normal 'trivial' symptoms being exacerbated by a flu jab ? I know that the conventional wisdom is that the flu cells are dead and can't infect you, but could Lupus lack of auto-immune system amend this ???


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    The flu jab does not normally cause side effects. Sometimes, it can cause mild fever and slight muscle aches for a day or so. It cannot cause flu as there are no active viruses in the vaccine. However, people sometimes are a little more at risk of catching other flu-like viruses, or very occasionally could catch flu before the vaccine takes effect. Allergic reactions to the vaccine are rare.

  • It can't infect you - it is a "killed vaccine" that is used for the shots. The nasal spray is attenuated vaccine - weakened but not killed so could pose a problem.

    You had the signs of an infection already if you had a sore throat and really should have waited until it had cleared up before having the jab. There are risks to that as well of course - a few years ago my husband had bronchitis when he went for his flu jab so didn't get it. Being a mug he gorgot to go back - and never got one. He caught flu and spent 2 weeks in bed, developing pneumonia into the bargain which took 6 months to clear!

    But to develop a viral infection takes 3 days from being exposed - you were almost certainly already incubating it at the time and it hadn't "taken off" yet.

  • Good question that's why normally I don't have it done through fear of getting ill I don't know what is best

  • Ty pmr pro

  • I was advised not to have flu jab with lupus as our immune systems are so dodgy

  • Hi dawnbeaven, who advised you not to have the flu jab? If you need more information about the flu jab and lupus, have a look at our post here -

  • Dr de cruz at st Thomas's or the other doc there with a K it's bin ages since I've gone there . My respiratory consultant said just take lots of vitamin d instead without calciferol as it eradicates my ventolin thanks

  • Generally it is advised that people with lupus have the flu jab, however if you have been advised not to have it in the past there may be a particular reason for you. If you are unsure, I would recommend that you contact your current consultant and ask their opinion.

  • Which is all the more reason to have it!

  • The lupus has damaged my lungs and my Respiratory and Rheumatologist have both advised me to have the flu jab which I had on Monday.

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