Oh oh looks like my job will be ending soon coz of lupus

Well ladies mixed feelings this morning went to my GP this morning for results of blood tests and flu jab. Only to be told my neutrophils have dropped from last week to 1.1 my white cells down to 2.6 and my haemoglobin has also reduce. GP said that I was neutrophenic and would not give the flu jab . I work as a homeless officer for The LA so deal with the community from rough sleepers and also with people with substance misuses. GP advised I need to change my job due to constant threat of infection. Nothing new I have been told this by my consultant and have been desperately looking for other employment but to no avail. The long and short of It is I have been signed of work four weeks and another appointment has been made to see my Consultant at the end of the month. I have discussed with works Hr and Union who have advised that my role is at threat due to capability. Looks like redeployment on medical grounds but if they cannot match me to a suitable role In 12 weeks then I will be unemployed. Feeling numb . com at present. Knew it would happen at some point didn't expect it so quickly.

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  • Hi Lulabelle

    So sorry to read your having to give up work due to Lupus and what a special job you've had too, helping others, seems particularly cruel but your right to take heed of specialist advice!. I hope you can be re- deployed but in case you have any problems go to your local Citizens Advice Bureau who will be able to help as they have employment adviser s. They will also see if there is other help you could get and advise how to fill in the claim forms. Good luck for your Consultant appt, hope they can help your health, let us know how you get on and take care.X

  • Hi Lulubelle

    I'm really sorry you're having such a rough time and I can't offer you much advice on the job front but maybe I can help with the leucopenia/neutropenia. I have had lupus/UCTD for 20+ years and one of my particular features is chronic neutropenia & leucopenia (2.3 - 2.8 is the norm WBC for me). I now take mycophenolate too but this hasn't changed my blood counts nor my resistance to infections? I also have chronic anemia which can drop as low as 6 in the blink of an eye. I can reassure you that I virtually never have infections. My last course of antibiotics was 8 years ago and that was following childbirth! I am a veggie and I do eat a lot of fresh fruit etc and keep exercising but my immune system must be on red alert. hope this helps and good luck x

  • I think I had the wind taken our of my sales yesterday. I was expecting my blood results to have improved and given the flu jab lo. I think given the nature of my work it does leave me wide open to infections. In all honesty I also think the demands if the role was mentally and physically wearing me out. Your comments have filled me with hope. So I am going to try and get as much rest a possible then pick myself up and dust myself off. Start again lol

  • Hi Clareb67. I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2014 and just registered with this site. I have been suffering from neutropenia & leucopenia over last 2 years, yet seem to not fall ill too often. However my Drs here in NZ (lived here for 6 years) are always concerned by the low counts, and then that worries me. Mine do dip badly 0.35 and <1 at times. Currently on steroids, which seem to boost them, but then I don't want to stay on those long term. I am so relieved to read your response to Lulabelle, as I feel maybe my healthy diet and lifestyle do enable me to remain OK despite these low levels... do you think your body gets used to this as a norm. So sorry to read your story Lulabelle, I did at least get flu jab over here when counts were low... but then maybe they shouldn't have given it? Good Luck

  • I too am looking to be medically retired from my job. I studied hard to do it and to be told that I may be retired as I may not be able to be operational is soul destroying. Stay strong and positive. I'm sitting in bed now TRYING to do the same. I believe these things happen for a reason (although with all the crap that comes with this condition,I'm finding harder by the day to keep looking for the 'pony') xxx

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