The countdown till the wedding continues we have 3 more days

The countdown till the wedding continues we have 3 more days

Ok to start off 3 days ago I was having horrible pain in my left side it was from a kidney stone I finally went into my doctor's office today I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to walk down the aisle definitely not going to be able to dance or anything like that and even though you're normally not supposed to take Flomax he gave me Flomax to take for 4 days and he gave me very strong pain medication that will guarantee I can walk down the aisle and get my pain under control he gave me Percocet 15 switch to me are very very strong I'm not used to be on a medication that strong so this kidney stone is kind of a blessing in disguise because the pain reliever he gave me I took it like 2 hours ago it's relieved all the pain that I had in my hands all my tendons cuz I'm in the middle of a flare up it didn't completely take away the pain from the kidney stone but if anyone has ever had a stone they know that nothing can completely take it away but it feels more of a pressure now then horrible pain like I did so I can still deal with it and I think my doctor is amazing he didn't make me go through having to see a urologist and do all that stuff being so close to the wedding he just gave me a really good pain reliever and I might even still be able to go on my honeymoon I will keep you posted on that one praying that I pass this kidney stone that way I can completely enjoy my wedding day and I still will take the really strong pain reliever just so that I can dance cuz I would not have been able to without this medication so maybe everything happens for a reason even a horrible kidney stone I never thought I would say that so this morning my poor fiance was dealing with his Snappy soon-to-be wife he got fed up finally and said whatever and left he went up to the corner store bought me a single white rose brought it back to me and said sorry nice so what are you saying sorry for it's my fault I'm snapping at you because I'm in pain I need to check myself and he just gave me a kiss on my forehead told me to relax he is going to make a wonderful husband I love him so much he loves me so much I don't care if it thunderstorms all day on our wedding even though we're getting married on the lake nothing can go wrong as long as we have each other

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  • Hi, i would like to wish you and your fiancee, all the very best for your wedding day.I hope and pray you will be able to walk down the aisle without pain.And i hope you will be able to dance as much as your heart desires on your Special Day. It sounds like you have a very caring and loving husband to be.God bless you both .I wish you every happiness in your life together.

  • He sounds a treasure. I wish you both all the best for a super day and a wonderfully happy life together.

  • Hi I would like to wish you a magical wedding & all the very best for the future. Your Fiancée sounds a fabulous guy! The strong painkillers will allow you to love every minute of walking down the aisle to him & the start of a wonderful lifetime together.

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