8 Days countdown towards wedding date which is September 10th

8 Days countdown towards wedding date which is September 10th

Okay so I need everyone's opinion on this my natural hair color is very light and it's blonde up the tips from the Sun I have thrown it out and actually really long but I think I look better with dark hair some people say to dye it dark before the wedding some people say leave it natural I just want to know which one looks better so please let me know I'm going to put a pic collage picture up here so you can see me with both colors and please tell me what you think

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  • Hi you look gorgeous in either color.But i Like you best in the lighter color.To me the dark color is a little bit harsh on you.But don't get me wrong.You will look beautiful no matter what.All the best.

  • I agree with Lina61 - You look great in either colour but in my opinion the lighter one is much more natural and you look stunning.

    Best Wishes to you both for 10th and beyond.

  • Congrats! in advance, I like the light definateley brings you out more. Having said that dark suits you too!!

  • Leave it as it is. You look great - why fix what ain't broke? Good luck for the big day. Exciting times!!!

  • Both colours look great. What do you feel comfortable with? If you colour your hair will it cause itching or irritation? The last thing you need is any flare ups to spoil such a wonderful day.

    Good luck will need to see pics of the day 😊

  • Just to cause confusion I like the dark! I think it brings out the blue of your eyes more. You look lovely both ways though so go with your gut, what makes you feel at your best. Xx

  • Hi! Personally I like the 2 pictures on the right hand side best (bottom right hand side being my favorite) but I would go with what color you like and what color you normally wear so you look like the same person!! Good luck and many happy years of marriage πŸ’œ

  • I think you look great with either colour. Personally I like the pic on the top left best. Which do you feel more comfortable with? Either way you will look fab. Xx

  • I like the lighter colour - because it is the right colour for your skin. My daughter has similar coloured hair and always colours it very dark - it just doesn't look right. Our colouring all goes together - which is why older ladies who are greying sometimes look really strange when they choose too dark a colour for their skin.

    He's marrying YOU, he loves you as you are - he doesn't want to look down the aisle and see a stranger approaching him! That may sound dramatic - but I do know girls who changed their look so much for their wedding they were almost unrecognisable and their partner wasn't very happy.

    All the best

    PS - if anything goes wrong with the colouring it's hard to go back. I don't know if you have coloured your hair before, but sometimes the colourant can cause allergies, especially when we are on medications, and sometimes the colour doesn't "take" properly. You know where you are with your natural colour - it isn't long to recover from a reaction to the chemicals.

    You're perfect just the way you are!!!!!

  • When I ask my fiance he was no help at all since I have not styled my hair in a very long time because I'm growing it out and he makes it break off he saw it curled and he wanted me to dye it dark at first when we first started dating my hair was dark I always thought it dark I let it grow natural from when I was pregnant through my whole pregnancy and now her kid is 16 months old so it's been my natural color for a pretty long time and he likes it since he saw it being cold even though I already bought the hair dye so I'm putting the hair dye away and I'm the diet for fall it's dark caramel brown but I will leave it natural for my wedding pictures and matches my daughter's hair to my natural hair

  • I like the lighter hair color. Really is lovely with your skin tone.

  • Don't mess with your hair a week out from your wedding. Green frizzy hair will not look good in pictures.

  • I'll rock that green hair like it's going out of style.

  • Lucky man! πŸ˜‹

  • You look lovely in any one of those colors but that being said I like the darker colors you have to decide for yourself happy wedding day :)

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