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we all have days like this

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Today I’m trying deep breathing exercises to disperse hip pain (RA)and if it doesn’t work I can take pain relief later.

The hip pain seems much worse than wrists or knees for some reason.

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I think it's because hips take your weight. mine have been really bad through the winter. hoping summer sun gives me some relief.

Well I have got half a stone to lose so that might help, Hope summer is soon here to stay and helps us all JOINTLY 🤣

Yes Stills we absolutely do all have days like this and think we’re all far too hard on ourselves - sorry to hear of your hip pain, I get it from time to time and it’s horrible so sending you a very gentle hug 🤗💕

We have all too many days sometimes like this - sorry your hip pain is bad at the moment. Sometimes these things have a mind of their own, mind over reason. But if you can have reason over mind, so a reason to hold out, and to continue to stick with things as they hopefully turn a corner for you. Then hopefully the mind will be better prepared and able to deal with the days ahead. - I'm confused with what I've wrote haha, being over philosophical at this time of day😂

🤣 can you run that by me again 😂

Couldn't if I tried 😅

I read it twice .. it sounds nice 😂😂xx

I love how we still all manage to keep our sense of humour on here ❤️😘

Sorry stills to see your suffering so much at the mo. Have you had your hips xrayed recently?. Our meds can cause hip problems too so might be good to get them checked!. Hope you get relief soon, its so draining having such PAIN. Xx

Isn’t it! It does wear you down a bit but I took pain relief last night and slept well so fortified to start again today, thanks for your reply. How’s your foot situation?

Hi stills, glad you've got pain relief that helps and you got some sleep. Its vital to cope!.Foot is really painful but luckily 🤞steroid injection is Monday. I had 2 take Easter off so ' cutie pics' is back tomorrow. Thanx for supporting it so much. Hope you have a better weekend. Xx

Take care and keep on going. My hips seem to be worse when my fingers are better for some very weird reason? Never mind. As we all know every day is different and we just have to go with the flow. Hope you feel better soon and the breathing helps.🌻

Thanks for your encouragement 😃

Today, mine is back pain.

Debilitating, but hopefully you’ll feel better later 🤗

Same to you! If it is not one thing, it is another.

So very true stills 🤗 My left hip today is giving me jip!! 😖I use Weleda Massage Balm with Arnica. It's homeopathic and it works wonders on painful bits..smells nice too coz it's got rosemary n lavender in it.

Hope today is a better day for u 💜🌈😽😽xx

Massage Balm

Sounds blissful, I may treat myself to some x

Do. 😁I'll tell you how I came across it. I used to work in health food shop which had a long pathway to the shop door.

One day an ancient looking Indian man started making his way along that path. He was obviously in a lot of pain n it took ages for him to shuffle/stop/shuffle towards the door.

I thought I won't go out n help him coz that might be patronising so I got a chair for him n put it by the door..n then opened the door as he arrived..said good afternoon..please take a seat n tell me what you'd like..I'll get it for you.

He replied with "My life elixir please" n told me what that was!!

I always remembered that day n now I use that elixir often myself!! 💜🌈😽😽Xx

Love that story

It's a bit pricey but a little goes a long way 💜🌈😽😽xx

Looks like it’s on offer Holland and Barrett 😘. Hope you have a better day ❤️

Well spotted thanks

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Tiggywoos in reply to Krazykat26

That looks lovely !!!! X

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