One Bad Night

Last night was probably one of the worst nights I've had. My hands and feet started to itch as always. Then my feet started to swell. I put cortisone in it, sometimes it helps me. But no luck last night. I put calamine on it. That didn't help. I truly tried not to scratch but I couldn't help it. It itched so bad. My hands and feet started to a burning sensation. Took a shower at 4 am hoping it would help but of course no luck. Have not been able to sleep as of yet. Usually the rashes on my body doesn't itch just my hands and feet. But last night my lips and nose even itched! I've tried everything from the cream to coconut oil to scrubs to cortisone. I'm just now so tired idk what else to do. is there prescription or meds available for this?

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  • Hi Ratana21

    sorry I do not have any answers as I am also itching right now. mine is all over from my scalp to every part of my body, I have some rash on my abdomen. it itches so bad last night I went into the shower hoping that would help.

    I am interested to see if anybody have any suggestion as this is driving me crazy.................

    please anyone help,,,,,,

  • Yes my scalp, arms and legs are very itchy as well. I just went to the store to buy zyrtec (since it has antihistamines) and got some hydrocortisone cream. I'll let you know if this works. On my scalp I have to shampoo head and shoulders twice a day to get it to stop (shampoo made for dandruff but helps calm the itchy scalp).

  • Only thing that helps mine is natural Aloe Vera gel (no colouring or preservatives) it is colourless which is how you can tell there is no additives.Good Luck it is horrible.

  • Hi

    I started taking Aloe Vera pure juice about 6 months after diagnosis - it has (in my opinion) helped me tremendously with symptoms and the itching was one of them. Not gone completely but not the major discomfort / distress / lack of sleep that I used to have.

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