Aquagenic Pruritus

I think I have this! I've noticed after a shower I've suffered intense itching/burning/crawling sensation in my skin after a shower. I be used soap-free products, only washed hair and necessary areas (!) but it still happens. There are no red marks, no lesions or obvious signs of skin trauma. It jumps around my body from thighs to arms, shoulder, feet, etc etc for up to an hour. I've moisturised but that doesn't relieve the itch. I've even told people "excuse me slapping my skin, I itch for an hour after a shower and slap my skin to counter the itch". If I mention this to my rheum will it be related to lupus or is it just random?

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  • OMG. Thought it was just me!

    After I had a hysterectomy and my ovaries removed it has not been such a problem. ( I now have hormone patches ). Could be coincidence. I do use aloe Vera after my bath, then aqueous cream. You could give it a try. Good luck.

  • It doesn't have to be a Lupus symptom, My daughter gets this after every shower and doesn't have Lupus.

  • Margaret....don't you have lupus? Do you know that your daughter doesn't have it? My daughter shows signs here and there. I don't mean to be rude, but I watch my daughters because I believe it is a genetic inheritance.

  • Hi Natura, you're right I do. My daughter has been tested this year for Lupus and it was negative but she does have extremely sensitive skin and eczema.

  • Keep an eye on her. I pay more attention to my daughters than I use to. Even if tests are negative. Pediatric doctors said that I would not have to worry about it while they are young, but will see more when they get into 40s....that's when it started with me, I had minor stuff going on when I was young....

  • That's how it was for me too, I'll keep an eye on her :)

  • I get this after a shower, but not after a bath 😕

    Not sure if it's a Lupie thing or not. It is difficult to say what symptoms are down to Lupus and which are not.

    Funnily enough, it rarely happens if I shower at night instead of the morning.

  • Hi I get this ,it's neuropathy pain ,I found once they put me on duloxtine it stopped but it's horrid I feel like the water hitting my skin is like needles being stuck in me all over my upper body ,but it stays and the pain turns to burning ,I think it might be fibro related ,good luck

    Shadow 😊

  • I get itchy after a shower too but mine occurs when the weather is about to change especially from winter to spring. I use white powder or talcum to calm it could to ur consultant if ur worried or u can talk to ur gp. Take care dear.


  • Interesting...last year I got tingling of my skin after coming out of the ocean (salt ), which I was always told healed opened wounds on the body. Someone told me it probably wasn't lupus related , and that I was possibly having a reaction to the suntan lotion I used. This summer, same thing. Except no suntan lotion was put on. My entire body, especially my arms and shoulders....stinging and tingling after coming out of the ocean. Happened everytime this summer. I washed off the salt water immediately .

    My scalp has been itchy, red and flarey for over a year. I used ginger shampoo at first to help. Patches of baldness on my head. Just switched to putting sesame oil on my head and body everyday. I believe my skins is inflamed even though you cant see any damage or sores. The oil is healing me. In fact, sometimes I leave it on my head overnight to help relieve inflammation. Sesame oil is anti inflammatory and other benefits.

    I recently bought a natural shampoo with tea tree oil in it. My scalp stings. Again, tea tree oil ...also good for infections.

    So, there is definitely something going on with the skin. ...

    Try organic, cold pressed sesame oil. Its fantastic!

  • I get it. Turn the temp down in the shower. It was worse when I was anaemic. I could have torn the skin of my shins. An anti-histamine might help. I also have an MPN and this sort of itching can be related.

  • Gosh, I could have written that, it's exactly the same for me. I too use soap free products, I have this battle every morning after my shower. I have a very painful burning itch with no physical symptons mostly affecting my legs all over.

  • I think you'll find they don't know......I've had so many different answers. I believe it's a nerve problem called autonomic's uncontrolled things like...breathing, blood pressure , sweating ( I sweat buckets! Can't even get dressed) I pray! I pray and I PRAY,

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