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A bad week

So this week has been a real tough week for me, tried not to get myself stress out with the lack of sleep and the pain I have been getting.

Most days I have been getting back, hands and leg pains.

I have been getting a sink rash all over my body which I have taken photo to take with me to my appointment. (Just in case it goes before then).

Last night was the worst, we had a birthday party to attend. Luckily I could sit down for the most of the night, within two hours my feet started to hurt once a looked they had double in size and I had to take my heels off.

They felt like u had been dancing the night away but I had been sat down since we got there.

I have a rheumatologist appointment on Friday 29th September and I hope get some more answers to everything.

I fee like a could sleep for a week 😕

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So sorry to hear that your week has been pants..🙁

I hope you find some respite soon, I've just had to have 6 weeks off work due to fatigue pain and all the other little side effects that comes with this condition.. back to work tomorrow (phased return) hoping that I can cope!

I have only just found this site and it is reassuring to know I'm not alone and all I have going on is not madness

Wishing you a better time going forward filled with energy and less pain

Can I ask what is a sink rash? I've not heard that term before.

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So sorry you are having a bad time I think it's the weather I to have had jelly legs starting 2 weeks ago and getting worse dayley I've spent the week end on the sofa not able to sleep at night but the last two nights just nasty if I stand hor longer that 5 minutes my legs shake and it deals like I'm going to fall can't see me going to work tomorrow I ve tryed to find out what courses jelly legs but I have no idea


Hi Joanne

Sorry to read you've had such a rough week!. You could well be flaring so it's good your Rheumy appt is soon. Good luck for it and keep us posted how you get on. X


I have been in so much pain today. Pains in my neck going down legs, my feet have double up again and I sit at a desk all day. Really getting me down at the moment 🙁 xx


I hope your appointment brings some ideas to the table about managing your symptoms. I hope you feel a bit better soon too.


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