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itchy rashes on hands and feet

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I'm new here! Was attending a rheumatologist for a few years about 10 years ago when I experienced a flare up of swollen painful hands and was found to have an elevated ANA. He said casually "you may have Lupus" nothing more was done as my symptoms resolved and there is a very poor rheumatology service where I live! Now I am 55 years old and through my own research have discovered I have a lot more symptoms- fatigue, depression, mouth ulcers, raynauds,achy joints and my worst symptom of all, constant tingling, numbness in my hands and feet with severe itch. My GP said it was dermatitis and I have been prescribed numerous topical remedies to no avail. Both feet have rashes with broken skin as do my fingers. I am waiting the results of recent blood tests but the tingling and itch drive me crazy, particularly at night which keeps me awake. Anyone else experience this? Any tips for relief?

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Hello I also have lupus rashes/blisters. However mine does not itch. I have some photos on my page of rashes. I have a rash on my right foot, I have not been able to wear shoes for almost two years. 

I get rashes from my shoulders down to my feet. Lupus effect us all in the same way, yet it effects us all different!

Hope you get better. I have several creams ointments that my doctors have given me. 

The rash is it tiny little blisters with clear liquid or is it just an itchy rash? 

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Tiras in reply to New47

Actually it can be both, however not at the same time. It may be blisters this time and a rash next time. For me the rashes/blisters do get worse and or more  frequent during the summer. 

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I also have that but mine are like little blisters and hurt like crazy I have them so often and so many

I have the rash on my hand and get the numbness/tingly feeling in my hands and feet every morning. I've not yet seen my specialist but yhe rash was sending me crazy and I'd tried everything and all they seemed to do was make it worse. Then I discovered cetraben a cream for eczema prone skin (my brother was using it and suggested it) and it works for me. Not sure where you are nut thus is available in the UK and on Amazon. Hope you find some relief! 

I have been diagnosed with nodular prurigo and the itch is hell, and starts at night meaning I get very little sleep, but I have found that an aquaeous cream with a menthol content at least 2% does tend to ease the itch, as does ice packs also - good luck :)

I am having the same problems with my skins, rash on hands, feet, forearms, thighs and the itch has been so bad it has affect me badly at times. I have APS and SLE. Had appointment with Dermatologist just the other day and the rash has been diagnosed as Neurodermatitis brought on by stress and anxiety although there are other reasons you can have it. Good Luck😊

I itch more at night with my rashes.. I think with any itchy rash heat makes it worse. A bath makes me severely itch the spot! 

Nothing I use takes away the itch unfortunately. Although my lower leg itchy rash finally seems a little better with a steroidal cream.

Hello and welcome. I have SCLE. I have itchy hands and sometimes itchy feet. I can scratch a lot. My husband tells me off at night for scratching. It keeps me awake. I don't have a rash though. My GP gave me Hydroxyzine 10mg to stop me scratching my venous eczema about 12 months ago and I am still taking them, at night only. I'm not sure if they help or not to be honest. I have found a great new moisturiser though, Aveena Skin Relief, the blue one. It seems to suit me better than the Cetraben the GP prescribes. I have tried all sorts, including aloe vera gel and coconut oil. I am wondering if for me it's a side effect of the hydroxychloroquine. I am sorry I can't help much but I can empathise with the itching! Good luck with it all. I hope you find some answers soon. 

Hi I have Lupus and RA , I suffer on and off with really bad rashes sometimes they are there for long periods and then they go. 

I find plunging my feet or hands in really cold water relieves it but it takes about twenty minutes of soaking. I also take antihistamines and use tee tree cream which is very soothing.

i hope you find some relief because it drives you mad.

avoid hot baths and showers,

Hi alimac23 ,

Could you ask your GP to refer you back to a rheumatologist. They may be able to prescribe some treatment to help alleviate your symptoms and can also monitor your lupus activity. If you let me know what area you are in I can provide you with information about any lupus specialists we may know who are nearby.

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alimac23 in reply to Paul_Howard

Thank you all for your kind and helpful replies. In reply to Paul Howard, administrator, I am in the Highlands of Scotland.

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Paul_HowardPartner in reply to alimac23

I think the nearest lupus specialist that I know of would be Dr Neil Basu at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

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alimac23 in reply to Paul_Howard

Thank you, Dr John Harvie is the rheumatologist at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness but I do not know if he has a special interest in Lupus. I do hope that my GP will refer me to him but I have been told there is an extensive waiting list for a consultation!

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Paul_HowardPartner in reply to alimac23

Dr Harvie specialises in arthritis and osteoporosis, but that doesn't mean he isn't also very good with lupus. I'm afraid I haven't heard from anybody who may have seen him.

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