Lupus menopausal night sweats

Hi all, I don't get on here too often but wondering if anyone has tried anything for night sweats post menopausal. I've had a total hysterectomy and have tried some herbal remedies that my kidney doctor didn't even blink an eye at with little to no relief. I tried Divigel, HRT but felt like ripping my head off so decided it wasn't worth it. I've been on sage for a few months now and still struggling with waking all hours of the night with a minor headache prior the night sweat then freeze right after. Our weather gets anywhere from -1 to -35C. over the winter so can't just sleep through it. I'm starting to loose it and the sleeping pills just don't cut it anymore. I would appreciate any advice in this area. My GP and Gyno feel HRT is fine at small amounts but wants to avoid it taken orally and I don't think I have many other options left. Help....

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  • Hun i woke up this morning crying with the same thing. I have terrible night sweats then get really cold can't sleep properly and want to scream

  • Sorry that you also go through this. My sleeping pills help somewhat for a few hours but when I get a flash after a few hours I'm screwed and just lie there. Hopefully someone will see this and have a good tip.

  • Hi Roanna

    Sorry to read you are suffering so much with horrible night sweats!. Just wondering have you had your thyroid tested recently?. Do hope they improve soon. X

  • Thank you misty14,

    I don't think or remember ever being tested for thyroid issues but I will ask my GP and Rhumy in a few weeks and see what they say. I did have coffee the other day with caf and I normally just have decaf and that day it was hell so maybe even the decal should be eliminated all together. It is one of my few addictions which I'm not willing to give up yet. I don't drink pop or juice but do have the odd cooler so coffee is a morning treat. Hmm, what to do..... I could see it being coffee if the hot flashes happen after I drink it but not usually. I will keep at it.

  • Coffee is not that good for us really Roanna so worth a try seeing if it did help. There are nice alternative drinks like herbal teas and you could become addicted to hot chocolate instead!. Ha!. Good luck for when you see your medics. X

  • Misty14, Sad thing is I'm already addicted to my mostly decaf cafe mocha which I prefer cool so the chocolate is a big part of the mix right now. I've never been a fan of tea either or hot beverages. I do my own cold sage tea for the menopause but I have to say I prefer water to most bevies excluding my decaf mix. I even throw baking soda in it to cut on the PH levels for the teeth. I think I may try one of the other herbal remedies again that I didn't give long enough time to work even if I have read that they aren't as effective if you are missing the ovaries and uterus. I will ask for a hormone level test prior to see if the sage is even making a difference with the levels. My kidney doc did OK them the first time when I brought them in for the appointment. My sleeping pills are making a bit of difference for a little sleep so I don't feel as anxious or bitchy now. One day at a time I guess.

    Thanks for your support.

  • Hi Roanna

    I only meant it as a joke!. It's hard being in the menopause and there are so few treatment options for us because of lupus and hormones!. You have a good plan and I hope you get some relief soon . Glad your sleeping better, can make such a difference!. Keep posting X

  • I got the joke misty14 , The 'Ha' gave it away... I guess I was trying to convince myself that the hot chocolate was still OK when I know it's just as bad as coffee. Damn. :( Honestly I just felt like sharing. I'll be fine either way, sometimes it's just venting that makes me feel better. One day at a time I keep telling myself.

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