Itching ..only at night!

The last few nights I have had dreadful sleep,as for some reason,I start to itch as soon as get into bed!It's only on my head,neck,ad upper arms?I haven't changed detergent ..I have episodes of this before,and wondered if anyone know why? And what can I can do to help it?knave got a fluctuating high level of creatine in blood and may have to see renal but it's not very bad.Could it be raised up ESR as mine up at 22,and on 200mg of azothyoprine.

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  • I have had similar few weeks ago especially in the evening and in bed dont no why was in hospital and docters their did not seem botherd bloods were not right at the time iether not so bad now all the best g

  • I have the same but I have also come up with lots of little red spots it's so itchy! Iv been on hydroxychloroquine for 2.5 weeks I spoke to the rheumatologist Nurse she has told me to stop taking the meds and will call me back tomorrow once she has spoken to the doc. It's very frustrating when you don't know what's going on!

  • the doctor will probably want to look AnnieKhan, might be Vasculitis rash. Hopefully you just scratched to much.

  • I goodness luppykate... I thought I wrote this post, it sounds exactly like what I've been going through for the past week or so. It's driving me bananas. I just started back on imuran and heparin injections when it started. I was on them around 20 years ago. I started plaquenil for the first time ever about 8 weeks ago.... I am losing my mind I'm so itchy... And my sleep is soooooooooo crazy off. I can't fall asleep till about 6am... Even though I am "sleeping" since 2 or 3am... I am in a really restless light sleep. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.....I'm going nuts!!!!!!

  • Stupid spellcheck.... The first word is supposed to say "omgoodness" , not I goodness :)

  • Thanks for that....I am going nuts here too!!!waaaah,I took piriton and helped a bit but was awake till 5 this am,and the weariness is so awful.I ache all over,as if been walking all night!I It must be some form of inflammation in the peripheral micro circulation,and maybe the Imuran?.Think it might. Have to be brandy tonight!

  • I get itching particularly at night too. Some nights are worse than others. It is a side effect of Hydroxychloroquine so I've just put it down to that. It's infuriating but the benefits of Hydroxychloroquine are worth it - I think!

  • I don't know if its the same feeling but when I get in bed and relax and start to nod off I get this itchy feeling in my arms and legs not on the out side it's inside the only thing I can do is tense my hole body then soon as I relax it comes back, they don't know what it is or why I'm getting it drives me crazy

  • These are the same symptoms I experience. My dr has not said anything about it being a result of hydroxychloroquine, but instead said I must speak to the another DR about anxiety. I'm sure it would a prescription to add to my list. It is so distressing and exhausting when I am finally ready to fall asleep and relaxed then I hyperventilate and can't stop itching. I try to control the itching, then it transfers to another part of my body. If not my face, then my head, then my scalp...moving around as I flap around in bed like a fish out of water. I already take Trazadone for rest at night. Last night i desperately added Atarax to help stop the itching. After a bloody evening and sheets, I wake up to having lost most of the day. Of course the rest of this day will be dragging long because of the Atarax. Its not anxiety, I am not even thinking anymore at that point when this happens.

  • Phone your lupus clinic and tell them whats happening and u need to see the doctor urgently. Something does not sound right at all. You can also see your gp meanwhile.

  • Hi everyone, Iread all the blog but have not submitted anything before. I always suffer with an itch and have discovered that heating a wheat bag for about 3 mins in the microwave and then hold on the itchy area for as long as possible. The strong heat must stop the nerve signals and it works!!!

  • I always have the itching. Atarax seems to help me.

  • I am experiencing the same problem. Sometimes I am told that I must try some anti depressant to help because the dr thinks it is anxiety. My ESR and C-Reactive protein is within standard range, but I am still in so much pain I can barely move. These tests are what the drs rely on to even see if I need any attention. So since they results are within normal range, it seems they stop thinking and say try another specialist. Meanwhile, I am frustrated, exhausted and all scratched up. I've tried drinking calming teas before bed and homeopathic calming, but it helped one time then the results did not repeat. Does anyone try anything else? I have lupus and celiacs. I recently went to the hospital for treatment for Pleurisy. From that I am still recuperating.

  • ask your doctor if you are concerned that you may have scabies... The same thing is happening to me as I type, I'm doing research and I am getting checked out very soon.

  • My case of night itches, rashes, etc etc, are identical to what most are describing here. In my case, the issue turned out to be something called Candida overgrowth, or yeast infection. My condition was caused by two things, 1) too much sugar in my diet which finally allowed the Candida (bad gut bacteria) to overcome the good gut bacteria in my stomach. Once this happened, the itching began and stayed for several months. Looking back now, it started about 2 months after a surgery where I was placed on heavy antibiotics. The AB's kill off all the good gut bacteria leaving only Candida. If this happens and you ingest too much sugar either directly or indirectly, you end up feeding the bad gut bacteria and it takes over. Was finally able to overcome it by cutting out all sugar in every form for a month, drinking a small amount of straight apple cider vinegar every day which kills the Candida, then adding back more good bacteria by taking probiotic supplements and drinking unflavored Kefir. It took about 2 months of strict diet, daily regiment of the vinegar, and constant seeding of good bacteria with Kefir to finally get the level of Candida back to normal in my gut. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for that , really interesting, and the issue with sugar has been mentioned. as think may be indirectly I have too much.Did you find you lost any weight? I will try the cider vinegar, and have already been trying to cut down drastically on sugar, but as you will know is everywhere!I am planning out a food plan and going to get more serious about this, as want to stop itching! Many thanks for your reply.

  • I have had the same thing and just figured out that if I have a really hoot shower before bed it stuns the nerve endings and stops the itching, its the only thing that has worked for me and i've actually slept for the first time in two weeks.

  • I can't go to sleep tonight and I keep itching like crazy.I can't figure out what it is caused by.I have not slept all night and it is already 6:00.I am itching on my arms my legs and that's all!I am only 16 and I am having this happen to me!:-[ =-O


  • This happens to me sometimes. When it does I wash all my sheets and bedding. Take a really hot shower, put on a lot of lotion and if necessary take Benadryl. If the air is very dry or you have very dry skin this could be a cause. Sometimes I wonder if it is physcological. But I literally feel like something is biting me and when I look there is no bite mark.

  • I've been feeling having the same problem. My face, head , neck and it seems I'm spending most of my sleep time scratching. Every one around me says it's nerves. I take a variety of milligrams of cumidin meaning one out of 5 days maybe two will be the same. It's driving me out of my mind.

  • Omg I can't stop itching this has just started maybes two weeks ago...and now I can't sleep at night nothing I mean nothing helps it from stopping itching everywhere I need to know what is wrong with me I can't live like this

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