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Thought this was so right had to share!

I found this on the lupus awareness page on Facebook and thought it's exactly how I feel all the time, don't remember last time I could wear heels cause of the pain or boots longer then an hour not even! I don't talk about it cause I don't think people care, or understand what's happening inside! But this girl explained it so well.

" "But you don't look sick."

I hate when people say that. I don't want attention. I don't want pity. I want people to be AWARE. See, some people are looking for donors while others are losing hair. Y'all have no idea what it feels like to take more than 20 mins just to sit up in bed or try to work out and can't because after 3 mins you can't even trust your own legs. To try to be cute in heels but feel like your ankles are on fire. My memory ain't no where close to what it used to be.

NO matter how much sleep I get I'm still exhausted. Skin rashes that leave marks... headaches and photosensitivity. It's a chronic illness that isn't contagious, but your common cold could possibly kill me. I tell my family everyday "I'm fine" knowing my body is attacking itself. I walk around with a medicine cabinet in my purse...I wish I could feel as good as I make myself look. ---Diamond "

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Spot on! I'm so tired of having lupus! 😑

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That sums it up.




Hi jess so true




I,m with you 100%


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