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Tribunal pip

Hello lovely people,

It's been a while since I have posted on this site, as always I have had some really good feedback and advice which when I moved areas and discovered this site I found invaluable, anyway to cut a long story short after a number of years on DLA payment I was due to be transferred from DLA to PIP when after a atos assessment I was told not only that I would no longer receive pip but I had 0 points on all sections in my assessment. Considering my condition had levelled out but not got any better in the time I was on DLA and I still could not work I couldn't believe that I was stopped the payment and everything I had said at the medical had not incurred even one point!

after I appealed and again atos stuck to their original statement and so I have taken the case further and now await a tribunal hearing where I live, at which myself and my carer, have to yet again put over our case this time in front of a judge. I have heard a few stories like mine and wondered if anyone here is sill struggling with a DLA/PIP case, at the end of the day we have an illness/condition that is serious and if health care professionals diagnose us with. This then help and sympathy should be given to us so that we can have a basic standard of living. Fighting on Sabine.

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Hi Sabine, a good friend of mine went through exactly the same as you when moving from DLA to PIP. She initially lost her appeal but went on to tribunal and won her case. It took a year but she got her payments back dated, so don't give up. :)

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Hi, I'm in exactly the same position. Although I have just sent a reconsideration letter off I'm guessing like you, I will be turned down again. I was also on DLA indefinitely.

I can't believe it's taken a year. Also I can't believe what they put people through. I'm glad your feeling strong enough to fight them. Are you getting any help?

I live alone but I have a friend who is helping me, also I've joined fightback. It's all been really stressful, but I have decided to dull fight them as I feel they shouldn't get away with it, and hopefully it will make a difference to people in the same situation.

I will be really hoping you get their decision overturned in court. All the best. And well done for keeping up the fight xx

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Hi Sabine

Good luck for your tribunal hearing. It's bad enough being ill without having the added stress of this. Hope common sense prevails!. X


Good luck for your appeal, i admire your principle and courage for taking on the system.

Let us know.



Slightly different situation as I was a new claimant but I also scored 0 points initially and on reconsideration. I went through 3 tribunals (lower, upper, lower) and I'm not going to lie, they were horrible. They don't have the same rules as courts do and I was unimpressed with the system. In the end I was 18 months down and the final tribunal (who were fair) only gave me 7-4 points.

I reapplied with lots of up to date evidence and was granted PIP immediately. This all took 20 months but please don't give up! Get proper representation too. If you aren't working you will most likely be eligible for free legal rep (solicitor). I still work so could only get a welfare officer but they are still so helpful. Talk your case through, work out what additional evidence is needed and which criteria you are trying to meet on the points system. If it doesn't work, you can always reapply but beware as you lose the backdate.

All the best xx


A good site which has helped me tremendously is benefitsandwork.co.uk/. They have advice on all aspects of PIP and ESA from application right through and there is an extensive article on taking your case to tribunal. To get the full help from this site does cost just under £20 a year but worth every penny in my opinion.

I wish you all the best. Sick people should not have to grovel this way. Let us know how you get on.

Maggie x


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