Electric shocks in head!!

Not sure if I'm having a flare or something I'm usually in pain every single day but since I had my allergic reaction to my hydroxychoroquine I have been very very bad! Pain in my chest and back when breating in now none stop electric shocks in same place in the left side of brain... Not sure if this is a lupus symptom or my mixed connective tissue disease... I usually get these electric shocks in head once in blue moon but had them every day since my reaction an had then constant in same place now for good 10 minutes and it bloody hurts!!!!

Just can't stop thinking I'm being a little hypocondriac as everything is just constantly hurting and I'm feeling like I'm moaning about everything hurting me, I dread to think what my family think that's why I usually keep it to myself an say I'm fine...

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  • I get these shocks from time to time I don't know if they are to do with the lupus I think they must be they are very painful. I also don't like complaining I was in the hospital for 2 weeks with a very bad flare up I am on hydroxychloroquine which worked for me but now they also have me on Cellcept as well so I should see some improvement and hopefully stop the steriods soon. It is an awful thing and people say they understand but really I don't think they really get it. Hopefully things will settle down for you just have to take one day at a time. Take care.

  • Hi there Leanne21bull,

    I am not sure if it is the same as what I have but just wondering how long do these pain shocks last? because I have had sharp electric shock like pains since a teenager although would go for as long as ten years between episodes until the last year when I am lucky if I can go a week without an attack. For me these very painful shocks last only second at a time but can happen lots of times in that day, week or month I am affected.

    Have you ever heard of Trigeminal Neuralgia, or Tmporomandibular joint dysfunction? look them up as may be relevant to you.

  • Yes they do only last for about 5-10 seconds when I get them. But some times I get them longer for 10 minutes if not longer which is constant no stops... So you can imagine how painful that is if you get them for a few seconds x

  • Yes that's awful, I have experienced pain in the same area before that was slightly different though as more of a dull nerve pain that lasted half the day.

    I would definitely ask GP for a referral to neurology.


  • Hi, yes I get this. It is really debilitating stabbing nerve pain, pick axe/ electric shock are all words I would use to describe it. I've had it for awhile and never knew what it was. It started to really worry me as I had it for awhile and then when my Lupus came under control it seem to die down for awhile. Just recently came back with a vengeance and my Dr (not rheumy) has diagnosed trigeminal neuralgia - he said it is quite difficult to treat. Usually they treat with epilepsy drugs. Well I'm already on Neurontin 600mg daily amongst other things Hydroxy, Steroids etc and I don't want to add anything else atm. I have to say I have been doing a little too much and have felt a general increase in my overall symptoms. I googled it and there is a particular epilepsy drug (beginning with C) that seems to work well for this particular problem. Good luck

  • Hello. Sorry to hear you are suffering like this. I have had various headaches since my teenage years. Lupus (SCLE) diagnosed 2013. Been told I have migraine, cluster migraine, etc etc. Then this year these short sharp stabbing pains that don't last long, but completely take your breath away. GP told me I had headache with myalgia. From what I found online these are called "pick axe" headaches or "ice pick" headaches. I have tried various meds, prescribed for migraine etc. None really work. But recently the worst headache I've ever had, woke with it and by afternoon I was screaming with pain etc, husband wanted me to go into hospital, only went with codeine - that had been prescribed for bursitis in my hip. Seeing a neurosurgeon at some point - just waiting for appt - re another issue - but plan to mention all these different headaches. They take ages to recover from and are sadly a big part of my lupus. I hope you find something that works for you. Best wishes.

  • I used to have the same thing regularly - the sharp, shooting head pains started when I was in high school and would flare up about every 6-8 weeks and last for 2-3 days. That went on for a very long time. To try to make a long story short, I had come to the conclusion that it was somehow related to the herpes virus. I got fever blisters several times a year from herpes 1 beginning in high school. In my early 40s, I was exposed to herpes 2. Then in my mid 50s, I got shingles (herpes zoster). Since the shingles episode, the occurrences of shooting head pains have been reduced dramatically - maybe 2-3 times a year, lasting a day or two. I couldn't believe that it was just a coincidence that the pain I had regularly for so many years almost stopped after I had the shingles. Once you have herpes, you have it forever. Since the virus lies dormant in the nerves along the spinal cord and in the head, it made sense to me that the head pains were caused by nerves which occasionally became irritated from the virus. This is my own take on the head pains and has never been confirmed by a doctor. I could be completely wrong but, as I said, with my history, it just made sense to me. If you have never been exposed to herpes (the chicken pox virus), then obviously, none of this would apply to your pains.

  • Hi Leanne, yes I get them too, had it for years. I have Fibro, Polymyagia, arthritis & a lot of nerve damage. A lot of my symptoms seem to pop up under Lupus but test have all been negative. I take pregablin & quinuine & amitriptyline & codeine for pain.

    Mine is usually quick, a couple of seconds but that's bad enough, it makes you hold your head it comes from nowhere & i love the pick axe to the head remark, what a good explanation, just what it feels like lol.

    I also get loud bangs in my head, normally when I'm nodding off or asleep, it's like an explosion in my head. Most peculiar thing, don't know if you get this aswel or if it's connected to the shock pains !!

    Peace, luv n light

    Jan x

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