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Signed of work again!

Yesterday I went to see my gp and unfortunately I was signed of work again!

As I suffer with electric shocks from my finger/thumb to my chest, the past few days or week I have been getting the electric shocks one after another which are very intense and so so strong.. It's like I'm sitting on the sofa or in bed having a fit like my body is jolting and I'm literally being electrocuted.. They are so painful!

She's now writing back to my rumotologist as my health is deteriating to say I need to be seen asap as my appoitment is not until end of July.. It was booked for May but he decided to cancel it and go on a 3 week holiday instead!!

I am so fed up with this day to day pain which is taking over my life.. I have been like this for a year now with my symptoms and health only worsing... Only so much pain and electric shocks I can take! I'm worrying when I do have an electric shock so bad on my own it sends me to have a fit or my heart to fail..

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If it was me I would be going to a&e one with a good neuroligy department you need to see a neurologist what med did your gp give you your electric shocks .

Take care


I'm not on no medication what's so ever.. I went a&e before when I got them in my head and was sent away...

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I agree with farmerfeste: go to a&e

There can be several causes underlying this sort of version of this has been as bad as you're describing but only for months & we know mine was related to recovery from an operation on my I was given prescription opiates & analgesics to cope with this...clonazepam & meptazinol....eventually it did settle down (this was approx 4 years before my infant onset lupus diagnosis was recovered & treatment begun, so I was generally in very poor shape)

Whatever, investigations by neurology, cardiology and even orthopaedics + rheumatology may be appropriate. E.g. Has your GP mentioned myclonic jerks?

Please let us know how things go with this

🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco

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Have you been checked for Fibromyalgia? Electric shock /stabbing pains are a common symptom.

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Go to A&E. Tell them about your unusual chest pains (as well). They should at least do an ECG, so at least you can get your heart checked out at least. And take some bloods too. Really don't want to scare you, but just before my diagnosis, I went to A&E saying it felt like there was a fencepost sticking through my chest. They did an ECG, took bloods, had chest Xray and said nothing was wrong, packing me off home with some anitbiotics for a suspected chest infection. A few weeks later, my health went into total meltdown. Get yourself checked out. And good luck.


I suffer now and again from neuralgia, electric shock pain from top of head right down side of face, sometimes affecting eyes and gums, very very painful


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