electric shocks through body

Does any one else suffer with constant electric shocks through body? I get them in both arms from one finger or thumb right too my chest.. Had this for years before me falling ill but once in a blue moon, but now I seem to get this on a daily basis and it's bloody painful! The electric shocks usually last a good 30 seconds but are very painful.. 

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  • Sounds like you have nerves firing. Maybe you need to see a neurologist. I got nerve problem . Fires at muscles & muscle go rigid . I was diagnosed with neuromyotonia. Hope you get sorted soon x

  • I saw my nurologist in January as he thought I had nerve damage from other symptoms, had the nerve conduction tests done they all come back normal 

  • Yes, me too...I've had both the sort of nerve firing you've described (in my feet due mainly to mortons neuromas, but also due to peripheral neuropathies etc.  And in my shoulders/arms/hands due mainly to cervical spondylosis).  

    Neurology & rheumatology tell me this is "normal" for immune dysfunction & connective tissue/dysautonomia patients like me.  My baseline nerve conduction tests were normal 5 years ago...as I understand it, this is because these tests focus on major nerves which are less involved in the sort of firing patients like us are experiencing.

    BUT: Over the decades, I have had Pain Consultant bilateral facet joint denervation ops to all the joints in my neck twice over in order to numb pain due to spondylosis.  Since those ops, I have much less nerve fitting down my arms....so we know that the ops have protected soft tissues trauma from the spasm & inflammation that results in my version of this type of upper body nerve firing.  ALSO, since those ops, my lupus has been rediagnosed & I'm on a very effective combined therapy treatment plan which further reduces any inflammatory process involved in my nerve firing

    Of course, this type of nerve firing is distinctly different from myclonic jerks reoated to my version of Dysautonomia

    Hope you get your version of this figured out, Leanne...please let us know what you learn in the process

    🍀🍀 coco

  • what is neuro myotonia and how did they diagnose it?

  • Neuromotonia is another auto immune disease that attacks the sheath of the nerve & they fire all over the place feels like everything is moving under ur skin. The nerves then fire at muscles making them go into spasm & you can't relax them. Mine stated with my bicep going hard & big. So had loads of EEG tests where they can pick up activities in the nerves. Also had nerve conduction tests . If I sneeze or cough my whole body goes into spasm. It takes a while for it to relax again. It's quite a rare disease very similar to stiff persons syndrome.

  • That sounds awful! I get tingles & spasms & shocks frequently but not too much of the hard muscles. My doctor just ordered a myelin glycoproteins blood test because he suspects something is happening to the sheaths to cause all the misfiring.

    How do you treat that?

  • I had severe electric shock type pains darting randomly throughout my arms and legs before I was on any medication prior to a diagnosis. I never knew exactly what was going on but understood it to be all related. It was so severe that it used to make me shriek out loud. I hope you manage to get it sorted out as I know how very unpleasant it is. Good Luck x

  • Hi, I don't think I get electric shock pains but more some kind of excruciating cramp, very sharp usually in back muscles. Not sure if that is electric shocks type pain. I do get it with my trigemula neuralgia across  side head to eye/jaw. I also get severe collar bone neck pain. 

    I'm was diagnosed with perhiperal nerve hyperexcitabilty some 4yrs ago through nerve conduction tests. I never stop twitching. 

    Have you had nerve conduction tests? Might be worth pursing anyway if not. 

    But Some on here as you can see above suffer nerve pain alongside muscular/joint. 

  • how do you find relief?

  • Don't get relief of anything, they last about a good 30/60 seconds but so painful and sharp..

  • Hi Leanne yes all the time it's called L'herrmitt's sign it's part of the neurological syptoms of both Sjögren's SLE and EDS and I have all 3!

  • Hi.. Just looked that up. It does say you only get that in the neck going down spine... I get mine from my thumb straight into my chest

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