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heat= nauseas

just like the title states does anyone else get nauseas because of the heat. I first started having it towards the end of last year when I would get on things like very warm buses. The locum doctor I was seen by said he had no reason to not send me for an endoscopy considering I had been anaemic twice in the past but instead gave me some meds to try first. Told me if that didnt work I had to come back. The meds did me nothing but clause me other issues. The next doctor I was seen by wasnt so lovely refusing to do anything telling me I had anxiety and need counseling to get to the bottom of my issues. I tried to exspaling to the doctor that wasnt the case as one time I got really nauseas was when I was on a bus home from a film festival I had helped run. So I had nothing to be anxious about. Though bizarrely after that time it calmed down a fare bit and only got on rare accessions. However recently the uk decided to have a heat wave and now I get this feeling more often than not. I just want to be able to get to the bottom of this and annoyingly I cant take a lot of the anti nausea meds as they make my muscle issues worse. Found that out when my vit d dropped leaving me really nausea and it wasnt till I had bad reactions to like 4 meds that I thought it might be that.

so if anyone else has heat = nauseas and knows of anything that may help me that would be amazing. I'm tempted to ring the gp monday but I dont want them to be all like lets wait till you are seen the lupus specialist before we do anything.

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Funnily enough the nausea at times of heatwave was starting to be a common occurrence with me.

It transpired I was getting slightly dehydrated and had a low grade UTI . I have suffered fom them for forty odd years but sometimes they creep up on you before you realise what is happening.

I didn't have any other symptoms only the nausea especially in the morning and after I would drink. It all disappeared after a course of antibiotics. Now I try to drink gallons all the time during warm spells and also take cranberry capsules all the time.

It is so infuriating when they blame "anxiety" on everything these days!!!!

I would see your Gp just in case it is a UTI.

Hope it settles soon.x

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Hello seanto...any kind of nausea is really nasty...I've tended to get nausea for all sorts of reasons...over 60+ years I've pretty much figured out the various my case these can be anything from infection like cutty has mentioned, to flaring Dysautonomia, to the chronic gastritis immunology has proven is at least in part due to pockets of bacterial sepsis...and even heat.

Yes, a variety of anti-nausea meds etc can help in some cases (each addressing a different cause: PPIs, domperidone, Buccastem etc and now I know long term antibiotics also whack my bacterial sepsis nausea dead too), but meanwhile one home remedy above all else has reliably helped me survive my life of nausea: GINGER....I take ginger alongside my meds on a daily fav form is the fresh root: a fat finger, peeled & thinly sliced will brew a large pot full of strong ginger tea which can be decanted for chilling in the fridge. I let it brew for several hours so the tea is vvv strong ...and can be diluted like a squash. I don't add honey & lemon, but some do! Basically, I sip my ginger drink all day long & all year round: always soothes my nausea, whatever is causing it

Also, sometimes I find a spoonful of manuka honey: straight into the mouth & swallow! can help damp nausea down

The other thing I guess you'll already have looked at is: what meds you're on & what you've been eating before this nausea sets in...nausea simply is a side effect of some meds, which may flare in the heat even though most of the time you're ok. I find that too much caffeine, too much sugary food & fatty food especially trigger my versions of nausea....especially when it's hot

On the other hand, you're so wise to discuss this with your GP & consultant...this sort of heat-related nausea isn't to be sniffed at, any more than any other type of nausea!

Wishing you all the best

🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco

PS there are some vvvv effective individually ginger chews & hard pastilles called "GIN-GINS" made by The Ginger People:

I get mine from Amazon ...and take them along in my handbag: EVERYWHERE...just in case...I stick to the chews because the hard pastilles are more than my sensitive SS mouth can bear 😉😘


Thanks for the long detailed reply. I normaly get nauseas when my vit d drops which is an easy fix now i know it happens. Through this time its heat so it not so easy. I'll take a look into to getting some ginger stuff to help out. Though yeah i will contract the gp in the morning and see what they say. I also don't think it is my meds as i have been on them ages. Thanks again.

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👍👍👍👍 hope you'll let us know how this goes


hey, got to speak to a doctor yesterday after demanding it. I over slept and when I rang them at half 9 the receptionist was like please ring tomorrow at 8am we're doing emergencies only, so I made her put me down for that even though she wasn't too keen. not surprising they are rated worse in my town, though I digress. Surprisingly I get a phone call that evening from my nice lovely doctor who was very happy to help. We even joked about the fact that he thought I would of been spending more time outside with on and off vit d issues not phoning him because of heat issues. He then asked me if I had tried any anti sickness meds before and was understanding about the fact that my body doesn't like some of them. I now have one that I never had issues with but doens't normally cure any issues I have in the hope it will this time. So far its doing a good job but I haven't been on it long enough yet to know if my immune system will carry on playing nice.

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I go through phases where nausea can be triggered by heat. I haven't worked out why these come on and then cease. But at least it might help to know that you are not alone with this.

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This was me last Thursday night, I literally couldn't move with nausea. I am convinced it was because of this recent heatwave and I'd been sitting in the sun. I try to drink ginger and lemon tea when it happens but in truth not much helps. Sometimes I resort to metaclopramide. I just want a plunge pool in my garden!!!

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Hi....I don't really have any advice, other than stay out of the heat. Lol! Sorry. I have always had a terrible time with heat. I explain it that my thermostat in my body doesn't work properly. ( I think that is the hypothalamus' job) Never did. As a child, I use to get heat stroke and have a terrible time with summer. Thank God we have air conditioning now. I just hope I can afford my electric bill with this heatwave we are having here in the US as well. And, yes, while you try to hydrate like crazy, the nausea is still there in heat. I go outside in the evenings. Like Florida people do in the summer. Can't be outside for long in the day.

I know now that I can't go to summer festivals, concerts, etc in the heat of the day. Just can't do it anymore. Try to listen to your body, and work around the weather. Or maybe wear one of those water mister packs. Good luck.


I suffer terribly with nausea in the heat to the point that I actually start retching. It doesn't have to be sun related either, I even get it when I stay indoors in the summer.

The only thing I found that helped was carrying ice packs wherever I went and holding them on my wrists.

I also used those cooling mist sprays that you get in an aerosol tin.

We even went to the extreme of buying an air conditioning unit for our bedroom which is a godsend.

I turn into a recluse in the summer months, I shut the windows during the day to keep the hot air out and the cooler air in and draw the curtains to stop the sun shine warming up the room.

I must be one if the minority that hate the summer, roll on autumn.

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