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The funny side of lupus -taken from my own past 20 years. (If u dont laugh u cry, so laugh)

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Keys in fridge

Underware under pillow, including bra

Credit card in cupboard

Teabags in suger pot, on top of sugar

Milk in freezer

Cat treats in sweet treat jar............ALL IN ONE DAY

Must be a BRAIN FOG DAY......


May the universe give you the strength to smile and laugh today.


The wrighting of these posts helps and is actually stopping me from going stir crazy, but please do let me know if you find them inappropriate, annoying or irrelivant to the lupus group and i will desist.

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having survived 62 years with lupus, i totally agree👏👏👏😂😉🙃😘🍀

I don't have lupus, I have another autoimmune disorder, but I wish we had people posting this sort of stuff on our forum!

Whatever we have we have a choice - laugh or cry. If you cry you look frightful, your eyes and nose hurt and you feel even worse. Our local hospital has a group called Medicus Comedus - the Comic Medics - who visit patients throughout the hospital as well as the children because laughter IS the best medicine.

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Barnclown in reply to PMRpro

too true, PMRpro....

this morning I read a beautiful & VVVVV moving Sunday newspaper article by David Baddiel about caring for his father who has dementia....& why he is partly basing his next stand-up routine on I read, I'd thought of those of us here on forum who, each in our own ways, share his convictions & motivations to one degree or another:

"I am not given to silence. The more difficult the subject, the more I prefer to talk about it....the impulse behind wanting to do a show like this stems from the conviction that laughter is the best - and indeed the only - way to grapple with this stuff. It's a childish impulse, to some extent, which comes from the knowledge that we can't defeat death, dementia [my insert: immune dysfunction, connective tissue disorders...whatever] and the rest of the horrors time insists upon, so we may as well make fun of these bullies as they take us down."

On bad days, laughter is much harder for me...but if I can manage even a chuckle...I do cope better with the bad days!🤗😉🙃

🍀😘 coco

ps i posted something similar earlier today in reply to another of amanda's great posts...but i think this thread is where this REALLY belongs

That was great nice to know i'm not alone. Thanks.

This really cheered me up and so true deffo a laugh or cry moment but I prefer to laugh ! X

Hi Mandy, and you said you weren't intelligent enough. Yes agree with PMRpro we need more of this, a bit of banter so we can laugh for once instead of cry best medicine we could have right now. Look forward to your daily posts Mandy. Take care all Nx

Hi funny but so true - I like the humour and agree I think we need more laughs xx

Here's my favorite.......Everything is mind over matter......


keep's the best

Now that one i'll take and add to my wall! Thank you I did smile. Xx

Funny I forgot my address literally I had to check my ID.I know it but I dont know what happened I just couldn't remember for that moment while I was on the phone.I also lost my meds in real life more than I care to share lol

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