Hi not been on for along time but read every day just got a letter from my neurologist consultant saying about some blood test iv had not sure when iv had them but it says extremely positive for antiphospholipid antibodies herlgG 356(0-5.7) then it's say lupus anticoagulant is positive and beta -2glycoprotin is also very strong positive at 354(0-10) secondly I have reviewed these with one of our neurologists who notes scattered white matter changes that were probably more one might expect for someone of my age but nothing more specific then have requested a formal report from our neuro - radiologist but this not yet available but just been to see one of them they not told me any of this only come back in a year so I am confused dost that mean iv got lupus as well don't know wher to phon my GP or not thank for listening to me x

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  • Hi Lesley61,

    Antiphospholipid antibodies, lupus anticoagulant and beta-2 glycoprotein are all connected to antiphospholipid syndrome (APS, Hughes syndrome, 'sticky blood') and not necessarily lupus. 'Lupus anticoagulant' is a bit of a misnomer as it doesn't mean that you have lupus. This particular autoantibody was just first discovered in people with lupus. If you want more information about APS, I recommend you visit the Hughes Syndrome Foundation website at

  • I new I had APS that's wot give me a stroke but did not know about all the others thanks Paul

  • Hi I've got MS but during the long process off being diagnosed they said I had weak positive lupus and said they will leave it on the bac burner I get blood in wee samples mouth ulcers butterfly rash ext I'm finally hopefully getting to see a professor Denton to help i don't know any thing about lupus and which one I may have 😕

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