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Hi there Iv been diagnosed with lupus sle since last November.I suffer with extreme fatigue.I asked my gp to test me for fibromalagia but I was confused with my gp's answer, he goes when I was tested

for lupus my blood results were positive for lupus sle but it came back negative then only I would be positive for fibromalagia.. I Really confused with his answer?

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  • Your not the only one confused, my dr is the same. The first time I was tested my ana was positive then the next month I was tested it was negative! My dr is trying to say it's fibromyalgia but was told by my regular dr I had lupus sle with out a doubt! So now I have no idea, I go to my rheumatologist tomorrow an hopefully will have a straight answer! Hope it helps to know you are not the only one with this happening!

  • Please update me what your rheumatologist says

  • Just left my dr and he says I have fibromyalgia because my ana is negative and people's Ana can be positive one month and negative the next but then I told him all my symptoms were the ones of lupus an he told me that people with fibromyalgia have them too even the butterfly rash! I don't know I still feel like it's lupus but my husband just wants to believe fibromyalgia and I'm just going to hurt and there is nothing they can do for the pain but take Tylenol! Oh an the dr also said I need to loose 70 lbs or more because I'm 5"1 and 235!! An then he says I won't hurt so much in my joints!! Anyone else have any ideas on him being right or wrong??

  • Hi

    Their is no blood test for Fibromyalgia, I think it's what's left after they rule everything else out. They then look for a series of tender points as well as other symptoms. Some of which are the same as Lupus. It's also the same as Arthritis

  • Many people on this forum have been diagnosed by their doctors as having both SLE and fibro, however, i think in the past fibro was a bit controversial and as tired18 said, diagnosed when other things were ruled out. His point may have been that your bloods show you have lupus, and fatigue is a symptom of lupus, so it is (in his opinion) probably due to the lupus and not fibro. However, fatigue can be due to a number of things (other than being in a flare) that commonly affect people with lupus, such as anemia and poor sleep quality, etc. and your doctor should investigate these. Here is a helpful website:

  • Bebe76, thanks for's just makes me wonder how some ppl with lupus also say they have been diagnosed with fibromalagia?

  • I think many doctors now accept that a person can have both lupus and fibromyalgia, although it may be difficult to distinguish the two conditions. From what I understand fibro pain and other symptoms do not improve with lupus meds such as prednisone.

  • Bebe76, I agree with u as that's what my doctor explained to me..he said when your bloods positive for sle you basically suffer with other autoimmune disease..

  • I get really bad fatigue too. I do night shift so I ban sleep all day. Still always tired though I average 8-10 hours on the days after night shift.

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