Intense headache

Yesterday morning at about 3:00 I awoke with a headache. It rapidly turned in to the worse one I've ever had through 30 years of migraines. . The pain was on the top of my head which is rather atypical. With nothing to loose I took some sumatriptan. This made it go away, for which I was very grateful. I'm currently on a short blast of Prednisone and I'm wondering if that had something to do with it. I also have antiphosphoiipid syndrome.

The headache is gone but now im still dealing with the hangover from it ( called prodrome). I can barely keep myself awake and I feel so weak. Thank you for letting me vent!!!! 😭


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8 Replies

  • Hello. Sorry to read that you have been suffering. I recently had the worst headache I have ever experienced so understand how frightening it is. I had woken at 7am with it and it had got worse as the day went on. I scared my husband and children, as the pain was so awful I was virtually screaming and crying. I felt like my head was going to explode. My husband wanted to take me to hospital. I convinced him the pharmacist would help - to ask what combination of meds I could take. I had taken Sumatriptan earlier in the day but it hadn't worked. I took 2 codeine, which had been prescribed for bursitis in my hip, along with the sumatriptan and paracetomol. By 6pm it was calming down and I eventually went to sleep. A horrible experience and one I will never forget. The sumatriptan had been on trial for me, as another drug wasn't really working for me either. I am not sure the sumatriptan will cut it either. But the codeine do work. Debilitating headaches are the worst. I also suffered ice pick headaches in January, which I had never had before. They aren't pleasant either. I have suffered from headaches/mirgaine/cluster migraine etc since my teenage years. I hope you feel better soon. Is your GP and other doctors helpful?

  • Yes they had me go for a scan which was negative? They gave me more sumatriptan. Too

  • I had one real bad and not on any medication. So, i believe i put coconut oil all over my head and it got better. Or it might have been organic cold pressed sesame oil. Which is a natural anti inflammatory, anti fungal, anti bacterial. I didnt want to take tylenol or anything. It was pretty intense and painful. Almost like nerve pain. Maybe inflammation. I was glad the oil worked.

  • Hi! Sorry to hear about your pain ' discomfort! In my opinion the headache was a result of prednisone. I too experienced it. I had migraine for 4 continuous days... How much is your dose? Inform your rheumatologist about it & change your dosage.

    TC 💗

  • How are you feeling now JeninCali?

  • Hi Wendy. I feel better... It took a couple days to get over that post migraine hungover feeling. The doc put me on a short course of prednisone and I'm completely out of pain 😊

  • That's good to hear. I've just started a course of that too. 20mg for two weeks and then tapered over another three. Have my fingers crossed for a positive response. Only had two 5 days before. I hope you continue to feel well.

  • I kinda wonder if the prednisone is causing the headache

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