Hello my fellow lupies

I recently posted a blog on here about headaches and how it feels like my brain is swelling up,

well anyway I have had this headache since Sunday now and hasn't responded to any of my meds like cocodamol or even aspirin it goes across my head sort of over my eyes and may sometimes go at the back of my head I sometimes feel nauseous but haven't been sick and feel abit sensitive to a bright light, I feel like I want to sleep a lot can anyone help me on what to do with this to relieve it.

Guys I still have this headache it creeps up now and then and goes away for a bit when I sleep my neck at the back is started to hurt a bit too, did I mention that I have Hughes syndrome could this contribute to it im getting worried its been of and on since Sunday but the neck pain has just started today

thanks for all your advice

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  • have you tried migraleve?...I found cocodamol makes things worse


  • Thank you for your advice do u no where I can get them from

  • migraleve contains co-codamol!!..

  • OMG really?!...must be the dose then!...my mum gets them from the chemist...maybe there are other active ingredients or it's the balance of quantites

  • yep...buclizine hydrochloride

    My mum suffered for years and then found these...she swears by them xx

  • just seen this is the anti-sickness bit which is probably why it works for me as that is the worst bit for me when I have a migraine (which isn't that often)...When I took anti sickness with vertigo it didn't work (probably because there was a different root cause to the nausea?) so I always assumed this stuff didn't work on it's own...I might try it next time I suffer wth nausea as I get get it really badly sometimes...good to know!

  • sorry I'm going on but I'm intrigued...it says it works on vertigo (works on brain's vomiting centre)...maybe it didn't work because I was anaemic too?...v interesting!

  • the yellow are just co-codamol and the pink are co-codamal and an anti sickness ingredient combined.. when in retail pharmacy we .. the bottem line is co-codamol is present on both the pink and yellow tablets.. the pink also contains buclizine hydrochloride

  • they are different drugs for anti sickness and vertigo and work in slightly different ways and it is prob a bit confusing to explain this on here.. anyway if the pink tablet works for you so be it..

    there are a new generation of tabs for migraines now called triptins eg sumatripin these work on migraines by an entirely different route..

  • I have hughes do you think it could be that causing it.

  • and are you avoiding chocs, orange, wine, caffeine, smoking, tried wearing dark glasses, getting enough sleep etc? Do you have any neck injuries? xxx

  • Hi i get these from time to time and i avoid chocolate, coffee , pepsi, coke, cheese, as i get bad migraines, i take Donperidon, Anatriptlyne, i not sure if thats spelt right, but helps with me also do you were glasses?

    When i went to opticians i was asked to try a coloured tint and it really has helped,

    Good luck hope you feel better soon x

  • Oh yes cheese...that is a sure migraine for some people. My mum uses dark glasses...I don't suffer too much with migraine just the odd bad headache. Had a bad migraine once and I was screaming!....that was when the doc had me on a cocktail of drugs....I just take hydroxy now...my body doesn't fair well on lots of chemicals xx

  • I have suffered the same thing for years and have recently had another violent flare up. I have now been put on some anti-epileptic medicines called Topiramate. At the moment they seem to be working so fingers crossed. Ask your doctor about other tablets and good luck x

  • For my headaches that are unilateral, pulsating and often last for days and generally sun exposure related I take good old fashioned paracetamol. I had tried all the other painkillers first thinking that paracetamol could not touch such a debilitating headache but it does. It usually works within 30mins but unfortunately after about 2 hours it does start to creep back. If they lasted longer it would be great but I am not complaining as it is like a wonder drug!

  • Hello did you get rid of your headaches

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