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Sleepless nites that turns into the next day

Hi  the last few times I have bin out with the girls for food and drinks I have not bin able to sleep until the next day . I haven't over eaten or over induldged so after having sle for a few years now how come this has happened ? Can anyone let me know if they are exspearing similar 

Many thanks all 

Lesley s - w xx

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Les2051, I too get the same effects when I drink anything alcohol based.  I feel tired but just can't get past the next level.  I have had lupus for over 35 years now and when I was younger I use to have to take meds after drinking as my joints seemed to flare every time I drank.  Which I didn't figure out till later that I was sensitive to the sulfides  in the alcohol.  I realized this after having to quit alcohol all together for a certain med I was on because of kidney involvement. I may drink once every few months now, and very little, but still get the poor sleep, but not the sore joints because I'm drinking sulfide free.  I've found I just don't enjoy alcohol anymore and never really did. Most times I go for the virgin drinks and don't seem to miss anything.  I do notice though that my kidney function is worse when I even have one drink, major foam in the toilet for a few days.  I'ts not worth it, but fun once in a while.   One night of poor sleep once in while I think is worth it as long as you don't have to work the next day.      Just one more benefit of having Lupus. :)

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Hi Les2051,

It may be worth examining your sleep hygiene on these nights that you go out with the girls. There may be something that you are doing without realising it could affect your sleep. This website has some information about good sleep hygiene, so it may be worth a read -


Hi Les2051

I have exactly the same as you, I don't over indulge at all.  I used to have a couple of drinks every now and then.  But I can't do it anymore as one alcoholic drink and I do not sleep, no matter how exhausted I am.  it could be one drink or six.  

I have noticed that my pulse rate doesn't drop below mid 90's all night aswell.  I do usually have a higher resting pulse rate anyway.  But it does concern me.

It's a real shame as I feel even more the odd one out if out with friends and they are drunk having a laugh and I'm sober!  

I know I test positive for anti Sm and RNP antibodies which apparently means increased chance of kidney issues.  I did wonder if maybe this was a connection but whenever you ask a doc they just say alocohol is bad anyway.

I have just decided to stop and only drink on extra special occasions when I know I can plan for the hubby or family to have the kids the next day so I can get a decent nap in.

Keep your chin up 😀 

L xx


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