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Lower jaw pain?

Hi there

Iv bin getting really bad jaw pain on my left side, it's more at the back where my back teeth r around the joint area, I can't open my mouth to wide because it hurts and eating is getting difficult. The pains bin there for 3 days nw and my joints r hurting me to?. Any advice on what it cud be and what pain relief I cud take got joint pain and the jaw

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Yes mainshah, it was the start of many probs and led to my diagnosis. Suspects were stones in saliva glands or infection. I spent a week in hospital for pain relief and was checked out by ENT and maximillo (not sure of name), facial Dr. All with zero findings. The pain spread to my temple and bloods said I had temporal arteritis. Drs said I was too young to have it as only old age get it. Steroids were given anyway which did sort it. After diagnosed with lupus (5years later) , I read in lupus news and views about patients having facial pain. It mentioned temporal arteritis especially if vasculitus is involved. I do have this too. Made me so angry, I felt like finding those Drs and shoving the article where the sun don't shine. Don't mean to imply that your pain will go up your face, after all the jaw has a bone that can inflame just the same as our other joints. Your question just made me reflect on one of the many things I went through before diagnosis.

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Hi, my first symptom was lower jaw pain, I've had all sorts of things done, including all my wisdom teeth out! Before they came down to lupus. It's still my worst joint pain, mainly because eating does aggravate it. I do find regularly taking naproxen helps, but I also make sure I eat foods that don't take too much chewing! I find salads the worst! I know this is probably not much help, but I do sympathise :)


HI. I have Sjogrens and regularly suffer this problem. I am told it is my salivary glands which swell as Sjogrens attacks anything that produces moisture, Does it feel swollen below your ear at the back of the jaw. It has the same effect as mumps has. It does pass after varying amounts of time.It has lasted about a week or more. Hope this helps


I get something similar, pain in lower jaw and feels like it from my teeth which with dentist said it is not. Often on my forehead too feels bruised to touth. Strange though as can be painful one day gone the next. Have Lupus and APS didn't realise it could be connected before. Hope you get some pain relief soon x


Ask your dentist to check for TMB - tempero mandibular - joint pain. My GP diagnosed this several years ago prior to my SLE diagnosis, dentist ruled it out on examination and it was later put down to joint inflammation/pain as a result of lupus - but worth checking out.

Google TMB and see if you relate to the symptoms. All the best.


I have severe jaw pain at times too, maxofacial at hospital say my jaw opens a lot wider than it should ie dislocates. To eat soft food when it hurts and chop up food very small which I find helps a lot it also clicks quite a bit. Hope that helps


Hello mainshah, sorry to hear about your jaw pain, it sounds exactly what I had several years ago, Tempromandibular jaw ache, do you grind your teeth at night? if you do, you need to see your dentist as soon as possible and ask him to make you a support for your jaw which you wear at night, rather like the boxers wear. This pain is horrid and can go down your arm/ neck/ and give you migraines. Ever since I have worn this support, I don't get pain, Of course, if you get pain ,the lupus always creeps in to help you feel worse. I hope you get some relief soon.


I am so interested in this post and the replies.

About 3 years ago I had a really bad ear infection, and after 2 lots of antibiotics the pain still refused to go. GP referred me to ENT who could not find any cause for the pain in my right ear. So he referred me to maxillofacial, who wondered about TMJ arthritis but xrays at dentist could not see anything, so was referred to a neurologist who ordered a set of tests, including many bloods and an MRI. The MRI showed one large area of damage from the stroke I had 8 years ago and many smaller infarctions, probably from TIAs. Meanwhile amitryptaline was prescribed as a pain killer. 600mg ibuprofen was helpful but they weren't killing the pain.

The bloods came back and showed lupus and APS, and I had been regularly been complaining of lupus symptoms (unwittingly as I had no idea it was all associated though my GP should have investigated why I needed so many supplements and had so many health issues).

So in short, ear/TMJ pain also lead to my diagnosis, finally! And after 8 years of zero treatment for my stroke and TIAs I am not on warfarin and awaiting results from more tests run at St Thomas'.

It is fascinating how many of us finally got the diagnosis we needed thanks to this kind of pain.

Now if only I can lose the exhaustion and muscle/joint pain, I'll be happy!


Thank you all for ur replies,

William123: does it feel swollen below your ear at the back of the jaw? It feels slightly swollen elbow my ear compared to my other side and the back of my jaw is swollen more compared to my other side.

Bluebell999: I was really interested in what u said in fact it's not my tooth because I have wisdom pain befor and when touching my tooth it hurt when I touch the tooth this time the tooth does not hurt, but iv realised the joint just after my wisdom tooth at the bak when I touch that that really hurts, and can only open my mouth to a certain size. The other thing is I do grind my teeth at night but only when I'm stressed out but I don't generally get a jaw pain with it. Plus yesterday the back of my neck was hurting with my jaw I cunt do the chin to chest thing. But 2day the neck pains gone just my jaw is killing me.

And once more thank you to all that replied most appreciated;)

Thank you


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