Pain in my rib cage area?

Hi guys , iv bin getting a really bad pain in my rib cage/ lungs area it cums and goes when it pleases I had it last week ad it later 3,days and nw iv got it again since last night? But this morning was very painful I could not move that side and it's the left side also when I take a beep breath in its so painful? Bin taking pain killers all day 2day.

Does anyone else get this and what cud it be?

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  • Hi Mainshah, I can sympathise :( Im suffering at the moment with similar symptoms ... GP said it maybe shingles lol, but he did say there was inflammation there ... gave me Ibuprofen gel ... no shingles, still got pain, has been 5 days now and had an awful night last night even with strong painkillers and Amitriptyline. Breathing in hurts.... It could be costochondritis or pleurisy or blood clot ? Best to have it checked out if your gp understands about Lupus as if its pleurisy it can easily turn to pneumonia. -x-

  • Ohhhh I nw how you feel it's so painfull , iv had pneumonia just befor i was diagnosed with lupus this was June time this year but my lung ares dint hurt then but doc said I had water in my lungs at that time my back hurt, nw my lung hurting but just one side? Is it your one side to?

  • Hi, yes only on the left side .... started in one place (back rib area) then pain also move under my breast (on the ribs) ... just dosed up on painkillers .. really hope it goes soon.. I do hope you get it diagnosed and hoping its not serious xxx

    Big hugs xxx

  • I need to go see the docs but everytime I go she says go to the hospital, and I hate hospitals I had an awful time when I was diagnosed with lupus stayed there for 2 weeks and felt so depressed they wudent let me go hum :( I'm just to scread

  • Hi there, I sympathise with you, I've had pain in left rib area on and off for nearly two years. After rheumy saying it was indigestion (huh!), GP diagnosed costochondroitis, and now they've referred me for a scan. I've had x-rays to be told nothing obvious has shown up, but the pain is unbearable at times, as you describe painful when breathing in, awkward at times to sit comfortably, or to lie on that side.

    Still waiting for a scan, but in the meantime told it's "probably" just down to the lupus.

    I hope you get yours sorted, keep us informed.

  • I've had this fro over 2 years and all i got from the dr i saw at the time was its inflammation. still have pain today esp on left side where ribs protrude. and I also cough every time I lie on my left side(only side I can sleep on),my dr has listened to my chest and says its clear every time-so why do I have cough ?

  • I know but nothing gets done from the ER people and my primary Dr. frustrated

  • Hi Slowmo I Had a scan for left side pain , and have to have the camera 24th I only had camera last year only found small hyatus hernia , Diferant consultant so he wants his own tests , won't get results until end of January cogs turn very slow

  • Some meds cause probs with the acid in stomach, I take lanzoprasol to help protect my stomach. At times the pains in my chest go through to my back hurts to breath in and out. Feels like all muscles in upper body ache it's caused by exess acid almost burning the stomach. Any thing peppermint helps sips of warm water also. It helps me. Hope you all find help to improve.

  • hi everyone......I have had this now for 6 months under both ribs at the front and Can't bear them being touched ,the ribs are so painful and the soreness is underneath them. Like Anbuma I always cough when I lay on my left side. my doctor said inflammation. Also pain in the back. I had pleurisy 2 years ago and it lasted for weeks and 4 lots of antibiotics. I am waiting for a liver biopsy and do not relish laying on my left side for hours..

  • I think with the fact that the pain is on the left side and seemed to move you should take extra precautions. IF it was a PE you are playing with fire to ignore it.

  • Hi Mainshah - sounds like it could be Pleurisy or Pericarditis as those as the same symptoms as I have and have been diagnosed with both. Both are tissue inflammation and Lupus is listed as a cause especially where there is no other virus or infection. GP can normally tell when they listed to you chest.

    If it hurts more when you breathe - take deep breaths, cough etc then it is quite possibly Pleurisy which can come and go. GP gave me 75mg Diclofenac twice a day and it helps but not 100%.

    It may not be this but it is worth mentioning to your GP and worth a visit sooner. when mine came on one night a few weeks ago I thought I was having a heart attack but lucky me it's just the Lupus attacking somewhere else for a change.

  • Hi al, these pains r a nuisance I've had those to, mainly giving symptoms of heart attack and have been told its inflammation in the lining around our organs usual fing blood cells not sure what to and what not too attack but Amway get it checked coz as we al no the day we don't will b the day its more serious..

  • This could be Costochondritis, at least it was for me , there are certain pain meds specifically for it , I'd ask the dr

    Hope it helps

    David J

  • Like DonnyJM I agree it could be pleurisy and/or pericarditis and/or costochondritis: get checked out asap.

    Good luck! Jo

  • Please go to casualty and get yourself checked out. I had similar pain and it turned out to be a Pulmonary embolism!!!

  • Hi to all,

    Thank you so much for ur replies they r very appreciated, the pain in my rib cage / lungs area is still there bin taking pain killers tô easy off the pain but even with pain killers the pain is still slightly there expecally when I take a deep breath in, iv bin doing sum research on the symptoms and it defo means I need to go see a doctor , soo will go soon.

    The pain is awful ad hurts so bad. Also does anyone have sleping problems? I can't slep a deep slep I'm always up every few mints and it's so annoying?

    Thank you

  • Hi guys when to the docter yesterday she did a general check up listened to my chest and said I have pleurisy and give my sum antibiotics, stated coughing last night but it's easyed off 2day. Pain has also easyed off so feeling loads better thank you

  • That's good that you know what it is and it is nothing too serious but not so good it's Pleurisy as I know exactly what it is like. Take plenty of rest, don't overdo it and try not too laugh as it hurts....

    lupy hugs!

  • Lol so true dannyjm laughing does make it hurt ;) but it's easying off nicely.

    Thank you to all urs replies

  • To I post here

  • Yes have been getting this pain for a long time now I have had test lung function chest ct and nothing was put back on steroids but they did not work so I don't know what's next

  • I fully relate I don't understand all about lupus but when my right rib cage

    and left one to hurts so bad when I breath ,I dont have pain killers, I have a mild case of lupus

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