The funny side of lupus #11

Is when, today, Monday 7th March 2016, , on a hydrotherapy day with your 70 year old, active mum and daughter, you get changed to head towards the wonderfuly warm, empty, calm hydro pool, you discover that your mum/nan has managed not only to pack 2 different single sandles but both are the LEFT FOOT.................

my brain fog pales into oblivion and I laughed so hard, I had to change my underwear.....

That definately is a funny sude of lupus oh lovely people.

Happy Monday. 😂

3 Replies

  • Made me laugh. I put two different shoes on one day but luckily they were both black and pretty similar. Only one person noticed it because I was wearing pants so not very noticeable until I sat down but she didn't tease me, lol

  • Wouldnt of minded at all but one sandle was red the other had multiple colours..... there is def hope for us yet... lol

  • Did it myself not long ago!! Exactly 2 left different pool shoes!

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