Hi, I expect there have been loads of post regarding this, but I have been on DLA since 1993 and it was for life, of cause it's now going to PIP, I have just received my forms, and stressing out already. Did anyone not have to be assess, and got there entitlement straight away ? And how long did it take for them to make a decision ? Sorry if this is repeating post.

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  • Hi loober

    It's awful we all have to go thru this to qualify for pip. Not everyone has to have an assessment if it's a clear cut decision. I didn't. I had the help of Citizens Advice which is invaluable as they know how best to fill the forms in. I strongly recommend you make an appointment with them. Good luck and let us know how you get on. X

  • No problems Loober, we do discuss this as it is another thing that is out of our control and mainly pointless. I agree with Misty 14. Don't make life hard get help. I completed mine alone (exnurse who has completed them for others in the past) however, I as people know received illhealth retirement three years ago. Nothing has changed, and yet I am reassessed. I have waited two months now for a response! Good luck and keep us posted.

  • Well I've had a really crappy week, feeling so exhausted, eventually filled my PIP form, couldn't get into CAB before I needed to get my form in. So stressed, posted Friday the 13th, don't no wether that was good day to post or not lol. Fingers crossed.

  • I filled my form out by myself and got declined . My mandatory reconsideration got declined . I went to appeal and won . The CAB helped with my appeal . My PIP runs out in May , so am thinking about going to them to help with renewal form

  • How long did it take for them to get back to you ?

  • About 2 bit more weeks I think . I applied in November and had been declined before Christmas

  • Did it take long before your appeal, or did you have to wait ages ?

  • Wait ages for ? The appeal ?

  • The appeal, yes, how long was the award for ?

  • I was awarded 18 months . It was back dated from November when I applied so runs out in May . Got payments from August

  • Well, I have a home visit on the 21st for PIP, fingers crossed, so nervous.

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