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I'm going from DLA to PIP dreading assessment !!! I'm assuming I have to go to as everyone had to!!! We shouldn't have to go through the worry/anxiousness etc to get what we need they should just need a letter from doc or specialist re condition x So annoying and makes us stressed which brings on symptoms NOT good 😞 about time they need to shake up the system for people genuinely chronicly ill x rant over

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  • Benefits and work is a good website that offers loads of advice - you do have to pay about £20 for a years membership but it is worth it - believe me.

    These things are very stressful - the IB to ESA has made my husbands depression much worse! It's degrading and humiliating

  • Hi Lorraine

    Good luck for your PIP Assessment, it's bad enough being ill without having to go thru this!. Remember worse case scenario for your health . Let us know how you get on. X

  • It's amust to use benefits and works site to aid you in your application as its such a minefield to complete forms. I could not have passed my PIP assessment without them. When you read there site you will also see that with there help some people get through on there application and confirmation letters from there medical consultants and GP. I hope yours completes quickly :)

  • Yes, I agree absolutely! The stupid bureaucrats who create these hurdles are not medically qualified and are just interested in creating extra paperwork for the governing department. Lupus does not respond well to stress situations and these assessments are exactly what they do! It seems that the powers that be do not trust the judgment or integrity of the medical experts!!

  • Hi, I didn't have to go through another assessment, they just wrote to tell me I had been transferred and broke down what money I would get. Good luck.

  • I was all worked up before I whent and had mine this month but it was not as bad as I was thinking it was just remember its your bad days that they won't to know and all the aids you have to help you I did forget stuff but did not understand wot she had sed and make sure some one gose with you I was glad it was over but was thinking it was going to be worse good luck let us know how you get on it only took 1 1/2 weeks before I got the brown envelope in the post x

  • I also have an assessment for PIP in a couple of wks & I'm dreading it. I've been very down these last couple of days, not wanting to get out of bed or do anything. I couldn't understand why I've been hit so suddenly with depression, bet its the worry of the assessment! The thought of it makes me feel sick. It took me 4 days to fill the form in. My concentration wouldn't kick in. I have 2 consultants & a very understanding gp, you'd think that would be enough for them to get info from. Plus I've been of work since last October. Makes me feel like I'm begging for handouts.

  • I agree totally it took me five years fighting got it eventually times I Healey gave up as I felt so humiliated at times hope you have a better experience good luck

  • I understand your frustration. I have a severely disabled brother, who has cerebral palsy and epilepsy and I never understand the stupid questions they ask for some things, even for a simple thing like the blue badge for parking. My brother was brain damaged at birth and his condition will never improve, so it is very frustrating to be asked ridiculous questions over and over again.

    Yes, there are shirkers out there, who try and milk the system with false ill health claims but, as you say, those who really are ill don't need the stress of repeated assessments and daft questions.

  • When Mr Brown set up Atos the guy who did the papers for this company jumped ship from labour to the Tories when they got in. Atos were give a free hand to treat us how they wanted as long as they got us off benefits and back in to work, what they did not realise the amount of people that appealed so not only did they get the benefits reinstated but we had the added court costs as well.

    The Tories have done nothing to change this they could of changed it back to the old system and the money they would of saved from Atos contract would cover 10 fold the 1% fraud.

    I have COPD and many symptoms of Lupus so I know what your going through I had to wait 13 months to get a assessment for for PIP and when I sent the forms in I send my yearly lung function tests and other medical reports in I have the lung capacity of 87 year old and still I had to have a medical shocking

  • I've been there. Yes it's a nail-biting experience, but I can assure you the worry before is worse than the acuality. See if you can get someone to help you fill in the form. I was in hospital at the time I did mine and the social worker helped me.

    Don't get down if you are refused first time. It often happens and you have to pick yourself up and fill in another one, maybe helped by somebody different.

    As for the assessment, take someone with you, a friend or someone you know and trust.

    Don't pour over it and worry about it. Try to stay calm or you will wind yourself up into a state and, if you're like me you'll start babbling. Write down notes to take with you and I suggest you keep a photocopy of your form for your records. I do this so that I can remember what I wrote. Stay calm and speak clearly. I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST WITH THIS.

    Liesel x

  • Thanks all for the replies received letter they are requesting information from specialist even though I've included letters etc fingers crossed I won't need to go to assessment x it's good to get support from people who know what your going through x

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