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The dark side of lupus - the bits that are rarely discussed

My dark side of lupus is where at 5.20am u have been racked with such severe stomach cramps, for 3 hours, that all you have been able to do is place yourself on the toilet and rock, hoping beyond hope that its something you ate and if you open your bowels, despite the pain it will ease eventually.

It didn't and hasn't and i am now so exhausted, cold and tired that i am not ashamed to say i am in tears, curled up in the fetal position with yet another hotwater bottle trying to regain some sanity......It was probably one of the chocolates, only had 3 but hey ho, thats another dark side of lupus, for another time.

Wheres my oxycodine - enough is enough for one night and these antics by lupus are just for tonight......who knows what tomorrow will bring.... i'm sure thats a song somewhere.. lol

Night. X 😩

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Hang in there Amanda! XO🍀😉


I know this feeling to well! I usally find relief in taking 1 Imodium tablet & 2 painkillers and within an hour I'm relaxed and able to get a couple hours sleep.



God bless hot water bottles. Sometimes our only comfort when the house is quiet and narcotics are out of reach.x


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